" Arcelli, I command you to transfer into that class!" My father commanded me with a harsh voice.

"Whats the point, I will most likey flunk the class I'm entering three months before graduation, and I haven't even got achieced Shikai yet." I try to disuasade him.

"Last night you though you were coming close to reaching Shikai, and with your combative skills withoug using Shikai is already pretty fiercesome."

" I can't cast a single Kido, that class has the best student in the academy. I couldn't possibly keep up with anyone in that class."

"Well if you flunk or not the teaching will be good, and the academy is offering. All of us know if we just push you a little harder you will be a great soul reaper." He patted me on the back as light as he possibly could which sent me stumbling across the room.

My father was a strong man who lost his abilities as a soul reaper but held quite a healthy status within siereitei. With is loss he has pushed all of his hopes on me. Trust me it wasn't that I didn't want to succeed, but I never seemed to go anywhere other than impress my teachers with my riatsu. I had lost hope in ever suceeding.

"Fine I will." I say grabbingmy Zanpakuto, and slinging him onto my back," I will transfer into the class today." I say giving up trying to bring my point across. As I walk to the door, " I will tell you how it goes when I come home tonight."

The class was sparring the courtyard, with their respectable partners. Thier spirritual pressure was rising, and falling as each attack was made, and deflected or blocked, dodged. All wore sweat on their brows. The tutor turned to me giving me the "You might be considered  something outside this class, but your nothing look" I liked it, he didn't expect anything from me.

"Arcelli Shard?"

"Yes, I will be joining your for the last few months." 

"Great, how skilled are you Arcelli?"

"No Shikai, no ability in Kido whatsoever, just very skilled in swordsmanship, and I guess you can say I do have some skill in Shunpo.However I believe I think I'm coming close to learning my Shikai" I say modestly.

" Ah I think I know just the person to pair you up with. I think they will be able to help you get you your Shikai. Tomorow morning I will have you to introduce yourself to the class. Right now seems inapropiate since they're working so hard. So you can take a seat and watch them or commune with your Zanpakuto." He instructs.

"I think I will commune with my Zanpakuto, its seems to be of the utmost importance I find out its name."

"That would be wise."

"Thanks for your time , sir." I say before bowing, and walking off to a quiter corner of the yard laying my 4 foot five zanpakuto before me. It was 6 inches across from edge to, and half of it was black while the other half was yellow. Its hilt hand gaurd was a generic Katana handguard except is was also half black and yellow. The hilt was coloured blood red. I felt a certian amount of pride for the Zanpakuto, but at the same time I hated the fact no matter how hard I tried, it name Eluded me.  Closing my eyes, and allowing a small amount of my orange Riatsu out, I began my mediation.

Like a few times before I entered a dark world of black, and cold, my feet felt as if I were walking on water, but when I made one step there was no distortion on the ground I stood, just the feeling of instablity.

"Hello!" I say, as the horizon began to fill with light I saw the ground below me was as black as night.  I turn around feeling a presence only to see nothing.  A small amount of frusteration ran through me. Was I too weak to gain the name of my Zanpakuto, or was I missing something? The world shimmered under these thoughts. No, I knew I was not weak, maybe it wasn't the belief in myself? I made two confidents steps forward.

"Hello!" Behind me a shining yellow light apears in the distance, their was a warmth to the light. I turn around, seeing a figure that shone the yellow light, as the other half was black and lacked the light.  I knew right then that was my Zanpakuto.I ran up to him.

"Arcelli." He cried but his words seemed to be drowned out.

"Whats your name!?" I cry out.

"Arcelli listen it is Ha...."

Something yanks me out of meditation, bring me back to the world of reality.

The End

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