Sparring PartnersMature

"Takeshi, I have some news," Mia ran straight for me.

"Keep it down!" I hushed her as the tutor looked in our direction with Mia running and waving her arms.

"Sorry sir," she muttered sheepishly.

"Hmph," the teacher turned his attention to a list in his hands.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Bad, very bad," she kept her voice as low as possible, casting her gaze towards Kiyoshi, "I realised how careless I was being. They had been detecting me for days before I'd even started following. So I decided to pull out all the stops and tried as hard as possible to mask my spiritual pressure or beat it down. So I followed his reiatsu into the 2nd squad barracks. The first day I allowed myself to almost get caught, pretty much waltzing in. I knew they would up the security but they also wouldn't expect somebody to try and sneak in the next day. So I did. I slipped passed the soul reapers barely breaking a sweat and found him there asleep. Soi Fon would have been proud. Anyway, I did some searching and I noticed he was staying in the lieutenants quarters. He seemed perfectly at home there so I'm guessing he's totally in with the captain for some reason. So my mind started to wander. Why would he have so much favour unless he was from a wealthy family. So I started to look around, all the time making sure he wouldn't know I'd been there and that's when-"

"-stop talking the pair of you!" the tutor snapped, "it really bugs, and to make sure you don't get another word in, I'll be splitting you up and you can one of you can clean my quarters tonight!"

"Harsh," Mia muttered.

"Now, until graduation in a few months time, I'm going to be pairing you up into sparring partners and you'll stay in those pairings until your time in the academy ends. So, let me tell you who you'll be with," he looked at the list, "Aiko, you shall be with Jun... Ayaka, you shall be with Masaru... Chou, you are with Kumiko... Mia, you are with Shun..." Mia silently cheered to herself. She may not have been top of the class but she was a deadly fighter. Every strike was calculated to cause massive damage and she knew exactly where to strike to take away a Soul Reapers powers, not to mention her speed without the use of Shunpo. She was born to be in the secret mobile corps, "...Kiyoshi, you are with Takeshi."

I almost doubled over in shock. Then my gaze fell on Kiyoshi. One side of my mouth twitched into a smile before returning to look at the tutor. Now was the time to see how good this kid was. There was no doubt I would be pushing him to his limit. But this was one opponent I couldn't play with. I knew he had more to him than he was letting on. I also knew he had been analysing me all these months. That's what I would do. So I would have to adjust my tactics, something I was used to. Some might not think it, but intense thought went into every move I made and this punk would be no different.

"Mia, you'll have to tell me what you found some tomorrow or some other time. For now, tell Taiki and Suzu that I have a job for them. I want to keep pushing Kiyoshi until he cracks and shows me exactly what he's made of. They are two of my strongest friends. I'm sure they can at least begin the process. And I'll keep him on his toes here, whilst you keep on with the investigation," I wouldn't let him rest, I would be relentless. Not to mean careless, I would put thought into each and every move I made.

This hopeful Soul Reaper will find no rest until he is laid bare before the whole academy and I know exactly who he is.


The End

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