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It's been a few days since who ever it is started following me and i'm sure they've figured out where i go by now.  That means whoever it is must have a guess that the rumour about me and soi fon is true.  I have guesses as to who would want to know but for now the only thing i can say for sure is they know where i go after lessons.  I'm just thankful Omaeda wasn't around when they were.  That would have told them t0o much.  I should find out about these people myself.  It would be good to know if they're working alone at the very least it shouldn't be too hard to find out.  A few more days  passed with things happening the same the pursuer whoever they are started trying to get into the 2nd squads gardens but only when i was there they were nearly caught a few times, well what did they expect even I could tell where they were.  It bothered me that they had found out this much

"I had my guesses as to what they would try next however, I refused to ask for your help any more then I have.  Allow me to deal with this on my own please." I talked cesually as i had for the past few months.

"Very well.  Just like her, aren't you?" Soi Fon knew i didn't like being compared to her but continued to compare us.  I guess I should be thankful if not for that comparison i would never have kept up with my classes.

"I just don't think it needs to be so big of a deal that's all." I protested but i knew she would pay no attention to me.  She was just in her own world.  I think a part of her wished for the comparison and another saw the differences between us, but i can't be sure.

"either way i'll increase security because that is a serious offence your stalker is commiting.  We don't want them to stumble on anything they shouldn't."

"yeah that makes sense. Though i don't think they'll try it again last time they were nearly caught it's a miracle they weren't actually."  I had to agree increased security would be nice so i could sleep safely at night.  Ever since i entered the academy I had been staying with the 2nd squad because of a request from it's captain, I couldn't turn her down due to authority.  I was given the lieutenants quarters.  I think that was just because she doesn't like him though.  Having finished for the day I said a proper goodbye to captain Soi Fon and retired to my quarters.

"I guess i'll see tomorrow." I went straight to bed and, reasured by the extra security, fell asleep quicker then I ever remember doing.

The End

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