As I watched the match I noticed an increasingly common drop in Takeshi's spiritual pressure.   The first happened at the first blast the sóren sokatsui and since then every kido apart from shó caused a drop in his spiritual pressure which he quickly covered.

"Is this all you've got?" He continued to bluff despite having drawn his sword pretty much instantly.  However he wasn't to be taken lightly it was mostly unlucky that he hadn't already finished the fight.  His shunpo was impressive it had been a while since I saw anyone stop as accurately as he did.  All his tactics were familiar however they had his personal touches.  This is were tactics start eventually they will change to unrecognisable degrees.  His use of such a high kido is impressive but it took it's toll.  All i would say is i wouldn't attempt to fight him without my zanpakutó.

The fight didn't slow during my thoughts Takeshi clearly had the upper hand however the gap was closing he didn't seen able to hold back too well.  Then came a sudden shift in his tactics he started conserving spirtual pressure.  he must have sensed he's near his limits for maintaining his bluff.  His sword remained unreleased as did his opponents i find it hard to believe neither of them has a shikai but it certainly seems that way.       The fight continued to become more intense however Ihad been training on a higher level, with little success but i still kept up.  As it appeared Shun reached his limit he begins to call for his shikai but before he get's a chance to Takeshi uses shunpo and sinks his blade into Shun's side.  A few people grimace in the crowd I simply continue to watch.  The teacher blows the whistle and takes Takeshi aside while sending a first aider to help Shun.  He wouldn't get off with a warning this time he'd attacked toward the soul sleep too close for comfort.

For the rest of that day i didn't see Takeshi.  He's probably scrubing a bathroom or somthing as a punishment i was walking home as usual when I noticed.  Deciding to keep an eye on them casually i continued walking.  As i passed through the squad eleven area i timed my passage with the normal mass brawl squad against Kenpachi.  that blocked the road

"now they'll never catch up." I said to myself and continued toward home.

The End

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