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"Takeshi!" I kept my arms folded, looking out to the training ground ahead as two of my friends came running to my side. "Takeshi!" he repeated.

"Mm?" I grunted, he stopped, wheezing slightly.

"We came across a slight problem yesterday."

"Oh?" I snorted slightly, "I hope you rectified this problem... for your sake," I turned to look at him. He backed off slightly, arms raised as sweat dropped from his brow.


"Erm... you what?"

"W-well it was nothing big Takeshi sir. Just that, when Ryouta was beating up that punk brat from the lower class, he got stopped by Kiyoshi who performed a level 30 binding-"

"Level 30?" I gasped, gritting my teeth. How could that Kiyoshi have performed such a high level Kido when he had failed to even perform a level 1 kido in our class? Clearly there's more to this weakling than meets the eye. I have to find out what it is!

"Clearly you are not up to the task then Kenta if you cannot defeat that simpleton," I turned away from him. "Get out of my sight before I show you what a real kido is!" Kenta backed away once more before running off. I sighed, placing a finger on my temple, "Mia Mishima..."

A girl appeared beside me with long brown hair that fell in waves and almost covered her deep brown eyes. Her face was sleek and smooth with youth yet somewhat tough.

"What do you need Takeshi?" she muttered, lifting herself up to sit on the low wall.

"The new student in our class, Kiyoshi-"

"Want me to dig up the dirt huh?"

"Something like that. He acts weaker than he truly is in the class. He's hiding something and I want to know what."

"Wow you're really serious about this guy. Why all the effort?" She dropped down from the wall, leaning like me.

"I want to know if he's a threat or even better, if he will prove to be a challenge," I clenched my fist. She saw it and her constant smile flickered with worry.

"Don't worry, I'll stay on this guys tail as long as it takes... I'm pretty good at that," she leant down and kissed me on the cheek.

"Hmph, that was a little unnecessary," I said, arms still folded. She shrugged and winked before disappearing in a flash of speed. I touched my cheek before moving towards the arena. People were already assembled there so I joined the line.

"Today we're going to be watching our top two students fight," he nodded at Shun and then myself, "Shun Kaneko and Takeshi Kurokami if you would like to step forward and we will begin."

I moved to the centre of the room and bowed, he did likewise and we stepped away.

"Shun I've been looking forward to this. Last time we fought I was young and weaker than I am now-"

"Ha ha, I remember. That was a good fight, we both got pretty roughed up but I clinched it in the end."

"As I said, it was over two years ago and now I'm far superior to you, even if you are top of the class. I will win!"

"Don't take it so seriously," he laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head. "Ah well," he brandished his Zanpaku-To.

"Ha, as a gift I'll start the fight without my Zanpaku-To and we'll see how long it takes for me to need to draw it," I sneered.

Shun frowned with annoyance, then raised his Zan-Paku-To and rushed towards me. A corner of my mouth lifted in a smile.

I raised two hands casually, palms facing outwards with one pointed up and one pointed down.

"Hadō #73. Sōren Sōkatsui," my voice was low as the blue energy formed around my palms. Twin beams of blue blasted outwards towards him. He jumped away from the attack, but in midair he had little ability to defend himself. Perfect, right were I wanted him.

"Shunpo," I muttered. Everything was blurred beyond recognition. Some part of me however knew exactly were I needed to be as I ran faster than light behind his back. He tried to turn in time before I lifted my hand to one side. A ball of red light appeared. I moved my hands towards him as he finally managed to turn, all this happening in the blink of an eye. I smiled fully this time, "Hadō #31. Shakkahō," the blast of pure red sent him careering to the floor. I placed my hand on the hilt of my Zan-Paku-To, "is that all you have?" he lifted himself from the ground.

"That wasn't too strong, what with using Eishōhaki and all," he sniggered.

"That's because I'm simply playing with you. And here I was thinking I might have to get serious." I lifted a finger from my other hand as he rushed at me again, "Hadō #1. Shō," I muttered. The blast sent him flying backwards again, "after all this time, is this all you really have Shun?" I stepped forward. My smile was gone, "I'm very disappointed, it's like you haven't improved at all!"

"I haven't even started yet," he got up again, his legs shaking slightly. He rubbed the blood from his burst nose. He laughed shakily.

"Good," I drew my Zanpaku-To, "Shunpo," I ran right in front of him and struck with a myriad of strength. The attack caught him off balance and followed up with a fast strike to the side, grazing him.

"I'm top of the class for a reason. My fighting skills here are second to none," He laughed again, "when you go toe-to-toe with me Takeshi, that's when you see my skill," he went to attack.


The End

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