Bleach: Blood LinesMature

Bleach fan fiction
based in heuco mundo on a small group sent from the second devision to investigate aizens plan. But end up trapped in Heaco mundo when the operation goes badly.

The Soul Reaper Academy Arc

It was my first day in my new class I had informed my family just yesterday to which they replied,

"you should have been in the top class to begin with!" it didn't bother me anymore.  They still believed i had an aversion to standing out because i didn't get any inherited riatsu from my parents.  As the tatami slide to one side I was called into the room.  Positioned in front of the class and ordered to introduce myself.

"I'm Kiyoshi, i've been promoted to this class after learning shikai," that part wasn't entirely necesary but i thought it best to explain the sudden change in roster

"I look forward to working with all of you." I looked around the room there was little difference to me who i worked with but i had to uphold the family name even if i don't use it.  No one in this room stood out on their riatsu alone however many were overshadowed by the teachers towering aura.

"Ok then take your seat over there Kiyoshi. I trust you will feel at home here." As my name was mentioned some murmurs quickly rippled through the room.  I casually took my seat and ignored them there was a few rumours still going round from when I was "seen" talking with captain soi fon.


When the lessons had ended, without incident, I started walking home and heard some one cry out in pain.  I went to investigate and when i rounded the corner I saw two of the larger students in my new class beating on a person from my old class.  I walked up behind them and casually asked,

"What you doin?" As the two span on the spot a relieved look shot across the face of my ex-classmate.

"You? Kiyoshi wasn't it?" the largest said

"I wasn't talking to you." I looked back at the clear victim of this situation.

"Don't ignore me!" he yelled.  I ignored him and held out a hand to the victim.

"let's go this is no place for some one like you." I couldn't stand bullies.

"you're not goin anywhere." he grabbed me by my gi and pulled me toward him.

"let go." I demanded

"no way you disre-" he never did finish that sentance even a brute like him can sense a kido coming

"Bakudo 30 Shitotsu sansen" as i spoke i carved the triangle as i had been trained out of my Riatsu.  The next second he was pinned against the wall by my kido.

"Can you teach me that?" the victim asked as we walked away

"That's about all i could teach you i'm afraid." i laughed then added "it's the only kido i know"

The End

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