An Arm of DeathMature

Dethnus' attack had missed it's target, his skeletal warriors fallen, himself only left with one blade. Things seemed meek for Dethnus, but he smiled instead of giving into the despair. It was when he was backed up into a corner that he always started to enjoy battles. Really enjoy them!

Dethnus, through Enphearos' power, ripped the bones from the ground, pulling them faster than the brute ran, and encased his left arm in them. The shape it took on was just a mass of bones larger than even the brute, but in mere moments, Enphearos crafted a large hand. Ribs formed sharp talons on it's end, and skulls covered the palm. It truly was a dangerous thing. 

Bain waited for the brute to come nearer, as he would only have one shot with this arm before abandoning it and using the Execution Blade in his right hand. It was made from a special metal, but Dethnus was starting to wonder if it could repel the brute's ax. It was most likely able. 

The brute was close enough. Dethnus used the bones around his feet, left over from the forming of his left arm, and pushed himself into the air. Then, using every bit of strength from the bones and Dethnus' own left arm, he smashed his left arm into where the brute was. 

Now was the time of victory!

The End

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