A Spear Flown TrueMature


Dethnus barely managed to get to his feet and pull his spear in time to parry the incoming man. Like a a bullet, the brute flew true, and like a bullet, he shot right through Dethnus' defenses. If not for the spear changing the path of the brute's attack, then he would surely be dead.

Instead, Dethnus was shoved to the side and rolled a long distance. 

'I am ready,' Enphearos hissed in Dethus' mind. Perfect. Now for a counter attack.

Skeletal figures rose where Dethnus stopped, helping him to slow and stop, and began accumulating their number. There were dozens in a mere minute. Dethnus could not see his opponent, due to still being on the ground, but it did not matter. The bones would keep him busy for the moment.

Dethnus commanded three skeletal forms to come to his side, then let Enphearos tear them down and cover Dethnus' body with the bones. It would work to defend Dethnus, as well as augment his own physical power, as the Enphearos could use force through the armor. This would put Dethnus on par with the brute, maybe. 

Dethnus stood and readied his spear, and with an augmented arm covered in the bones of the fallen, threw it where Enphearos had commanded. Hopefully, the spear would hit home. If not, Dethnus still had the Execution Blade on his back. It was made from mouniron, a weightless material harder than steel. 

As the spear flew, Enphearos commanded the skeletons for their true purpose. The closest caught the thrown spear, but instead of stopping it, the figure pushed it through the air in one calculated motion, eventually giving the spear intense speed and power. Now to wait.

Dethnus pulled his Execution Blade as the last Skeleton added it's power to the spear. Ahead was the large enemy, seen clearly now that Dethnus stood, and the spear flew straight at him...

The End

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