Wrath of RED MYREMature


Enphearos' chilly voice did nothing to move Dethnus, for he had settled on another plan of action. It would require only a split moment.

RED MYRE crackled in Dethnus' hand, creating burning embers from the ground below, and eventually erupted in a red aura that coated it's already crimson blade. The aura gre in intensity, singing the edges of Dethnus' cloak and his arm hairs. The smell of death from the aura mixed with the burning grass and hair's scent, making Dethnus twist his nose. Bitter smell...

Just as the burning tempest of the brute's power came near him, Dethnus raised RED MYRE and sliced the air in one quick motion, releasing the built up power of the soul inside the Voidweapon. 

The two powers clashed, and Dethnus was sent to the ground by the sheer force of the explosion. In the back of his head, Enphearos prepared to summon the bones of the dead that littered the soft earth, while Dethnus rolled and let himself stand. 

Once again, Dethnus released the power of his RED MYRE. Except this time, he let it rage to extreme degrees and let it continue to rise in intensity. While he could stand it, Dethnus whirled the blade through the air at his enemy, who still lay hidden in the smokescreen. As it flew, RED MYRE grew in heat and power until it was no longer a blade. 

It was a ball of pure energy and destruction.

"Face RED MYRE's wrath!"

The End

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