...Dethnus Ackearose the Necromancer KnightMature

Dethnus Ackearose picked up his RED MYRE, a sword of red color with the ability to dispatch blasts of energy with a swing. It truly was a magnificent sword. And with his spear and Executioner blade attached to his back, Dethnus was unafraid of any challenge he might face.

'Let's hope this one proves to be a better match for you than the others," Enphearos said in the recesses of Dethnus's mind. He was often quiet, but today he seemed... excited. Maybe it was the tournament. Maybe it was the killing. Dethnus did not know or care though. The battle ahead. That's all that mattered.

"Are... you sure you want to face him?" the man he followed said nervously,"You don't look up to the challenge."

Dethnus laughed. Because of his average size and greying long hair and beard, he was often misinterpreted as a crazy old man with a deathwish. What fools these men were. Didn't they know power comes from more places than muscles? No... It was bones that gave Dethnus power. 

And he felt plenty beneath the soft earth, waiting to be used.

Dethnus arrived and walked into the center of the circle made by the watchers. His opponent was a lumbering fellow with a large ax hefted on his shoulder. A brute, then? This would be boring. 

Placing RED MYRE's tip on the ground, Dethnus stared the man in the eyes. The ground started to sizzle and burn where RED MYRE touched, but Dethnus did not remove it. It was a sign. It told the man what Dethnus was capable of should he land a strike. Yes, this would make him an easier prey.

"R-ready..?" a scrawny man said.

Dethnus laughed. "Me and Enphearos are always ready." 

The End

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