The Girl And Shadow

Again, angst.


One day a little girl was playing,
The sun was shining bright.
Then Shadow crept up behind her,
And gave her a fearful fright!

So she ran to her mother,
Told her of the scary beast.
Mum said: "Not a monster -
It'll follow you at least."

She fretted and worried and worked all day,
Trying to get rid of her unwanted friend.
But as she got closer, Shadow got bigger -
It was a trick that scared her to no end.

And she ran away from Shadow,
It was an awful thing to do.
But Shadow followed anyway
And scared her with a "Boo!"

It turned into a playful game,
The two became acquainted.
So when Shadow suddenly disappeared,
The girl, she nearly fainted!

She waited for him to come back,
To say it was a joke.
But Shadow simply did not return;
The girl's tears made her choke.

The End

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