Time Travel

Notes: Seems like I was a pretty angsty eco-warrior. 


I realise I've never cried before
I've saved the tears up, more and more.
Until I travel to the end of time;
Then I'll cry, for all Mankind.

When will we notice the damage we cause?
When will we recognise Nature's loss?
The birds, the bees, the plants, the trees
All die with everything Man achieves.

And then I'll mourn for sweet, sweet life:
From New York to Texas, from Ayr to Fife -
Our "glorious" machines, our "marvellous" brain -
But Man's ways don't change, we stay the same.

We are God's most notorious curse
The world treats us fair, we treat it worse.
Animals look with wonder at the only one Earth,
But we take it for granted, ignore its worth.

I've decided now, that's it, no more.
Man's evil deeds shake me to the core.
If I could die, just die right now,
Or go back and save the world...

But how?


The End

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