Blackcats: Warhammer 40k

A warhammer 40,000 fan fic.

The Imperium of Man.  It stretches far across the galaxy.  Unified under a single emperor and leader, the human species has flourished.  However as we reached out for the stars, we discovered others intent on our destruction.  To combat these threats, the Imperium sent forth it's forces to fight off the alien agressors.

Cyperia mundarius.  A thriving planet covered in thick forests and massive rivers visable from space.  Southern hemesphere houses a massive desert that covers a tenth of the world.  It's moon Cyperia Vata was infested by Tyranids in the early 39th millenia.  To prevent further infestation, the planet was purged and regrettably destroyed, costing 30,000 lives.  However no Tyranid survived, And the debris from the planet ended up as a excellent defence system against enemy ships.  Unless carefull piloting was made, a ship could come out of warp into an astroid belt.
However almost two millenia have passed and now a new threat had appeared

  Helius Mavelous had been resting when a loud blaring sound came over the intercom.

"All Crewmembers, brace yourselves, we are returning to normal space."

The ship came out of warp just beyond Cyperia mundarius, out of the debris cloud around it.  It was the Oberon-Class battleship Distant Paradise a ship that had been dispatched to the Ciperus system to investigate the loss of contact with the strongholds on Cyperia mundarius.  It was likely just a solar spike that disrupted transmission.  However, with this planets high quantaties of rich minerals deep in the desert regions, it was an asset to the Imperium in this far reach of the empire, and must be watched.

"Inquisitor Helius, please make your way to the hangers."

Helius looked up from under his hat and began his walk to the hanger.  His servo skull trailed behind.  As he walked down the halls, he bumped into the captain who was also heading down.

"Ah Inquisitor.  So good to see you again before you leave."

"Yes quite.  Tell me, has communication been restored witht he surface of mundaris?"

"Not to my knowlage."  The captain replied pulling the inquisitor aside to let a pair of space marines through.  One looked over at Helius and eyed him, then walked off.

"Who are they."

"You have not heard?  They are a new chapter."

"Is that so."

"I believe they are refered to as Blackcats."

"Never heard of them.  They look menacing enough though."

The hanger was a empty place save for a pair of Thunderhawks.  Even with the space marines and pilots, it still was a hollow place.  Helius walked in, his servo skull behind.

"Greetings Inquisitor.  Now that you have arrived we can begin."  The vice captain said.  He was a short and fat man who barely fit in his suit.

"Now as we all know, this planet below us isn't some rock.  It holds a large supply of materials needed for the construction of mechanics since we have no forge world within reasonable distance.  They have not been in communication for almost a month, at first we thought it a natural sun spot or solar cloud.  Until we saw these."

Another servo skull appeared and projected a blurry picture.  After a moment it began to clear up and Helius immediatly saw it.  In the top right corner was the feint outline of a Razorfiend class Tyranid ship.  Eventually everyone realized what they were being shown.

"The bloody beasts!  The're back to claim the planet!"  A marine said.

"Because of the high quantities of biomaterial, the tyranids want this planet.  And we think they may already be in the desert regions.  The inquisitor here is of the Ordo Xenos.  He will be dropped along with soldiers of blackcat sqaud onto the planet.  Your mission is to purge all Xeno lifeforms from the planet.  May the emperor's will guide you."

The men were split up and led to the thunderbirds.  Helius got on last and sat next to a long beaded man who was the only one without a helmet.  The ships launched and began there flight twoard the planet.

The End

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