Black Stilettos

Love me for who I am. You make me wanna scream, my love. Your touch has weakened me so badly. 

You followed me to the party on the cruise ship. at the Illusion Club, I went with my girlfriends. I was dressing sexy. I wore tight black dress, with fish net black panty hose and black stilettos. My hair was short and blond. And I was having a great time. That is when my girlfriend spotted you looking for me. I tried to hide, but I keep smelling your after shave. That means that you are near me. You spotted me, and then grabbed me. You told me you wanted to be alone with me. The ship has not sailed. But you was determined to be with me. You looked at me with amazing. Especially at my black stilettos. You liked what you see. You tell me that I am beautiful to you. But I have an idea on how you can catch me. 

So I told you to catch me if you can. And I just walked away from you. But you insist on following me. I walked off the boat and I am being followed by you. I took a cab to your record label studio. But you followed me there too. It was at night time. And the place was closed for the night. You opened the door, you picked me up, and carried me inside. You took me into the recording session, and you laid me down on the couch. You looked at me with your beautiful blue eyes. You caress my face. My body dropped as your fingers felt my face. I get so weak when you touch me.

You kissed me. I rubbed my fingers through your beautiful sleek dark hair. We had sex all through the night. You make love like springtime. You are making love to me without stopping. Don't stop, my love. I love the way that you give it to me. Just to make me your girl. Caress me, put your hands all over me. You unzipped my dress, and you took off my black stilettos. Your fingers were all over my body. Even my legs. I can feel our love. I can feel it in my soul. I'm sure your wife never gave you this type of love.

All I know is I'm going to going home happy. Knowing that you love me. I love you.

The End

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