In wake of


"Axel." A voice whispered as whiteness filled the inside of my head

"Axel!" The voice got louder and coming from behind me, I turned around as quick I could but time seemed to lag for every action. Behind me stood a man with the same red hair as my own. However his eyes were a beautiful greenish blue .He wore brilliant crimson armour with strong metal plates with small square points  covering his shoulders , arm,and knees. Even though he was skinny his muscles were noticeable underneath the armour. Who is he?

"Wh..." Open my mouth to speak but he stops me in mid sentence.

"I don't have much time Axel so I will make this quick. I'm your father, Soren Falcain, I used to be a prominent black soul hunter till the day you were born. I then decided to hide you and your mother and I was presumed dead. I did it to protect you from the greed that consumed the community then. However even in the southern most town in the bloodied desert evil found us there. In Short a new evil took you and tried to take your power. In the last minutes of the process I found you and intervened sealing myself and an evil power inside of you. Axel the seal is breaking, I will be nothing soon. But I’m here to warn you of this , and tell you were not unloved or abandoned. Axel this evil will search you out, you must get stronger, stronger then you are now, and one last thing. If you meet a women with Orange eyes, and dark hair claiming she is your mother, and they have turned her. Kill her before she casts her spell on you."  My father said beginning to fade into the whiteness into little burnt pieces of paper.

"Wait!Who are they?! And what will happen when the seal is completely broken?" I screamed tears running down my face, while a thousand questions filled my head.

"You will know when they come for you. As for that Axel what you make of this curse and gift is up to you." He said just as his face burnt itself into shredded paper.

"His hearts beating again." I heard a voice from so far away.

"Stay with us Axel!" I heard Kyre's voice.

The white was fading to a black.

"He's breathing again, some muscle contractions are indicating he might be coming around." Said a female doctor

"How is he?" I heard Albert weakly say.

"His wounds were severe and would be lethal for most men but, his differences this time have saved him."She replied. My eyes began to open to a bright blurred room.

"Differences." I uttered quietly.

"He's talking!He's gonna be alright!" Kyre yelled a little too excitedly.  My eyes began to focus.

"Pipe down wouldn't ya?" I said with a raspy voice," There is no way a guy like Salazar could ever kill me." , I paused then remembered," Is Candravar alright? Aldrest, Shizuma,Joanne? Are they all alright?"

"Axel." Albert said sadly," Candravar is dead, Aldrest was injured but he will pull through in fact he's is already walking around. Everyone else is fine."

"Oh." I paused sadly, Candravar loved all of his students and was one of the few who ever saw me for who I was and believed in me.  I saw him as my grandfather even though we hardly ever talked, I still knew he looked out for me," Where is everybody else?"

"Aldrest is with Shizuma. I don't know about everyone else." Albert replied.

"What are you doing here anyways Albert?" I asked.

"Well I heard from the yelling that your condition was fluctuating from getting better and worsening. So naturally like any good teacher I came to see you. "

I started to get up causing the doctor freak out.

"Not this time Axel you sit right there, you were dying just a minute ago!"

"oh yeah well... I'm different!" I said placing a foot on the floor falling to the ground instantly. I looked down to see that my leg was wrapped up and was splinted, it was broken. For the first time I had a broken bone.

"Different, Huh?" The doctor gloated as I stood back up shakily.

"I'm not getting back in that bed, I gotta show Aldrest I'm still alive!" I said already feeling pumped for whatever.

"Alright if your gonna walk around no training until that leg of your is all healed up!" She said with concern.

"No problem doc this splint will be off no time." I said smiling, seeing both Albert and Kyre laughing.

"I hope not." She muttered as I walked out to see Aldrest.

On the way I looked out one of the academy’s windows, seeing the sun sitting near the horizon with a black cloud swirling around it evilly. A cold shiver ran down my veins remembering the words my father spoke;

"They will come looking for you, you must get stronger, stronger then you are now!"

I looked forward,  seeing Aldrest and Shizuma walking around the corner, I will get stronger, but I will get stronger with my comrades, and comrades like Aldrest , Shizuma, Albert, Kyre, Joanne we will be unstoppable especially after we get stronger.

The End

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