Even if it rains the sun will shine


I gathered a large portion of my spiritual energy into the palm of my hand, I fostered a slight worry that my spiritual energy held a portion of an ancient evil. The darker spiritual energy had presence in the concentration that I was about to give Aldrest.  Aldrest turned to me. I could feel his strength had already increased greatly perhaps the balance of the others spiritual energy would hold back the evil that was in my own. I smiled.

"Be careful, with great strength come great responsibility Wilcaust. Don't mess this one up! and if you do I will make sure you'll die in the next life if there is one!" I smiled grabbing his wrist giving him my portion of spiritual energy,

“your one to talk! Talking about responsibility!” Aldrest countered

" Lets do this!"

I rushed forwards as Aldrest turned to Shizuma. Albert was struggling to keep up with Salazars inhuman strength , agility and power. But somehow he made in an opening in what seemed impossible offensive and defensive capabilities.

"Hold in there Albert, Aldrest is almost fully prepared." I whispered as I whipped behind Salazar.

Ahead was the scroll I raised Maelstrom above my head a great amount of spiritual energy built up on maelstroms blade. Suddenly from behind I feel a sharp pain cut across the back of my ankles. I spun falling to my knees, and deflected the next blow which was aimed at my head.

"Don't think I'm not watching you! I have not forgotten any of you!" He shouted as I saw Albert falls to the ground behind him several long cuts down his torso with a large amount of blood flowing through them. He was still alive but he won't be getting up to fight anytime soon.

I pressed harder against his blade, I couldn't keep this output of energy anymore, if I used this spiritual energy now, I may not be able to destroy the scroll, but if I didn't i might not make be able to even get to the scroll in time.

"I don't understand why your still fighting! I out match all of you put together, so why struggle why don't you lay down and die? Only losers fight a losing battle they know they can't win." He smirks.

" I'm a loser for charging into the darkness not fearing the possible outcomes in hope for a better result? Losers accept their fate!" I press  with all the strength my body could lend me shoving his blade off mine. My anger rising to a near boiler.

Salazar quickly regained his balance, but it wasn't fast enough as my blade passed through his shoulder my spiritual energy burning his flesh as i struggled not to release it and cut his left arm off.

"Axel leave him to me!" Aldrest shouted bringing my mind to mission at hand. I pulled Maelstrom from Salazar's wound he only laughed.

"You will regret that, you should have released that spiritual energy when you had the chance." He snarled as his wound began to weave itself closed.

I jumped away from him the wound on my ankles begining to take its toll i could harld stand, let alone walk. He jumped after me his blade beginning to whip out I closed my eyes.

Come on Aldrest, I'm approaching my seemingly limitless limit! I can't hold this guy off any longer, and if  I use this last bit of energy then the whole plan is done!

I reopened my eyes Aldrest was not yet ready.  I tried to block but I was to slow, I felt Salazars blade pass through my flesh, I yelled in pain as a few deep gashes appeared along my chest. Salazar withdrew his blade and readied to stab me through the heart.

"Your finished boy!"

I closed my eyes, I could only hope that Aldrest will come to my rescue, I needed the spiritual energy to destroy the scroll, and if Aldrest failed then at least I will wound Salazar deeply with my death.

I hit the ground hard, but no sword passed through my chest, Aldrest stood above me , his blades had deflected his sword at the last moment forcing Salazars blade to pass through the ground beside me.

"Oh now you show up Wilcaust! Trying to get me killed or somethin?!" I yelled jovially as I rolled back up on to my feet," Good luck Aldrest, and thank you." I said standing beside him , putting my hand on his shoulder. I could feel the power he was wielding, and he was struggling to stay in control.

"And thank you Axel, let me finish up here, and destroy that scroll!" He told as the spiritual energy began to spin around him violently nearly taking me off my feet.

"Alright then! I said turning around," Oh and Wilcaust. Don't die, I still want to kick beat you one day!" I  proceeded to use the last of my energy as I raised Maelstrom a second time.  As soon as Maelstrom made comment with the scroll I released the spiritual energy. A blinding blue white consumed myself and the scroll, as a burning unbearable pain went though me.  The pain was so much that I swore my body screamed it was burning my body up. I thought it was releasing the spiritual energy it was stealing but instead was actually taking in all the spiritual energy that I myself still possessed, but because I had none it was sucking in my soul!

I was losing consciousness, or was I dying? I didn't know but I was forgetting how to move, and I needed to pull myself away from this scroll. I looked down the outer rims of my vision begining to darken but I could see my hands wrapped around Maelstroms hilt. I did everything i could to pull Maelstrom up, but the scroll was pulling me in, and the pain was so numbing, I didn't know if I was doing anything of use. I pulled as hard as I could but I was getting nowhere. My grip on Maelstrom was loosening.

"Come on Axel you can't die here! You haven't proven yourself. You haven't proven yourself to the world! Only losers would like this!" I thought to myself trying to find the strength to continue on.

"I WILL NOT DIE HERE!" I yelled pulling Maelstrom from the scroll causing myself to shoot backwards into a pile of rocks. The light faded, as well as the burning pain. As my eyes adjust to normal light I saw that the scroll had exploded from the me pulling Maelstrom out. While it attempted to steal every last bit of spirit energy out of which included my soul.  A smile appeared on my face, but I couldn't move more then that as my head suck back onto the rock. Above the dark clouds released their tears.  As the rain washed down my face I saw the sun shining through the clouds. It reminded me of something I heard in my past.

Even if it rains the sun will shine.

Exhaustion took hold as my eyes closed in on the brightest spot of light. I knew that today I had altered the worlds perceived fate, I also knew I didn’t do it alone but that was a comforting fact, because I was no longer alone.

The End

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