The Apprentice's Plan


The wind was howling in my ears, picking up a chilly speed. A dire feeling of hopelessness and unrest permeated the atmosphere surrounding the mountain top and the village below. The heavy energy field that had befallen upon the sacred sanctuary was impeding us to use our maximum spiritual energy. This was a trap, something fishy and dark Salazar had planned all along, but he didn’t acted alone. According to Candravar, the Elder’s Scroll had burned long ago, with the being, to insure of it’s destruction and prevent it from being used for evil in the future. However, Salazar had got hold of it somehow, and it was the original, Candravar could attest to that. Salazar was working for somebody, and that somebody had great amount of power.

Candravar’s last words to me were: “destroy the scroll, no matter what”, and I will comply to his wishes. When we reached the mountain top, Candravar was on the ground, gasping for breath, and a chance to stand and lunged himself at Salazar, who was standing just mere feet away from Candravar, with his hands behind his back, musing songs of death.

That was the catch of the scroll, it targeted the spiritual energy that was summoned and started sucking from it. Once Candravar ignited his energy, the scroll had detected it and started feeding from Candravar’s energy. The power was unstoppable, and soon Candravar would die, because the spiritual energy wasn’t an unattached or separated being or power, it was one with the holder, the scepter of the power. If one died, the other did too. Therefore, Black Soul Hunters had to be strong warriors, because if they fell in battle, the ones they’re protecting will die.

Everybody unsheathed their weapons and furnished it with spiritual energy, ready to take down Salazar. Everybody was thrown staggering backwards by his force, no spiritual energy involved, and no apparent weapon.

“What are you playing at?” I snarled at him, as I ran to him with my twin katanas. He deflected my attack and swiftly kicked me in the chest, sending me backwards. I skidded on the ground to a stop and veered to attacked him again. But Axel was there before me, connecting his knee with his face. I thought Salazar would stagger backward, but he just stood there, grinning. Salazar clenched his fist and buried it deep on Axel’s gut. Axel dropped to his knees, wrapping his arm around his injury, whilst Salazar was preparing to punch him again.

Shizuma wrapped her whip around Salazar’s wrist and pulled, then Albert, Kyre, and Koemi simultaneously jumped on him, attacking him from different angles, everybody’s energy was flaring and steaming, anger seeping from their pores. We were all proud, to-be black soul hunters, loyal to Candravar, nobody wanted to see him die. What stood between us and the scroll was the impassive figure of Salazar, smiling condescendingly at us.

“What happened? I’m weaponless, even though I’m not trying to attack you, I’m stronger.” He sneered. “Well, I can tell the future is bright for the hunting community.”

“Shut up and fight like a hunter,” I shouted. “How can you call yourself a hunter when you violated the first law of the community? Always protect those who need you and your comrades. You’ve turned this game into a bloodshed of your fellow hunters, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Shame is what I least feel,” said Salazar. “Power is what every hunter hungers for, even you, young Wilcaust, and your father. Wasn’t that the reason why he was sent into prison, because he wanted to feel power? Wasn’t that the reason why your grandfather, an Elder, died trying to hunt him down?”

I couldn’t take it, I charged to him, barring him my teeth as I turned my swords on the sharp side. I wasn’t fighting to defeat him, it was a battle to death. My mind was blinded and deaf, I even ignored Shizuma’s warning as I slashed across his chest. But he had sidestep me and kicked me on my back. I flipped and turned to attack him again, but he was gone.

“Aldrest, over you!” shrieked Shizuma, pointing at something above me.

Salazar was falling fast and deadly, there was something in his hand. He had finally decided to use his weapon, and it was unlike anything I had ever seen. He was holding the hilt of a sword with long blade, a sort of katana. But unlike other katanas, this one could twist and turn at will, like a whip, but sharper and deadlier. He thrust his sword down, the blade rippling as it hit the ground. I jumped back, but not fast enough, because his blade cut grazed my right thigh. I stumbled to the ground, and tried to push myself up before another tangle of blade came right toward me. It did came, but Axel stood before me and deflected the mortal attack with his maelstrom.  

“Thanks Axel,” I said, taking his hand and pulling myself up. “We have to force him into using his spiritual energy or fight past him and destroy the scroll, then apprehend him in order to save Candravar and the others..”

“Easier said than done,” said Axel, firing his maelstrom. “Do you have a plan?”

“Just a theory in practice,” I whispered just loud enough for him to hear. “My grandfather told me this technique of channelizing and amassing spiritual energy into one single weapon. This weapon will have tons of strength and be almost invincible, however, it is a great risk for the wielder.”

“Which is?”

“Death. But nevertheless we have to try. I’ve been training secretly for the day that this might be useful, and one day, Candravar find out. He warned me, and assigned me temporal partners, Albert and Shizuma.”

“Why didn’t I heard any of this?” Axel sounded indignant. “I could’ve learned the technique and helped you train.”

“Because you were rash. Candravar considered you, but said he would let you into our secret training the next take my place as his apprentice when I graduate.”

“Done talking?” Salazar thrust his sword, it rippled and bend on the ground, like a snake, destroying everything that got in the way. Our friends jumped out of the way and tried to defend themselves as best possible.

We were pushed back on the edge of the mountain. Shizuma let tears roll down her cheeks whenever she turned to look at Candravar, panting and gripping blindly before him. It was only just minutes for him to die...

“Aldrest, please, we have to do something. Candravar...” Shizuma held on to my shoulders. “What are we going to do?”

“What I’ve been training for,” I told her silently. She looked up at me wildly and in disbelief.

“You cannot be talking seriously, look at you, you’re in no state to hold all of our spiritual energy.”

“I’m the only one that can do it,” I said, and turned to Axel. “Listen Axel, after all the energy’s on me and I’m fighting Salazar, go to the scroll and make sure to destroy it to shreds.”

Axel nodded.

“I will distract him whilst you kids build up energy for Aldrest,” said Albert, and ran to Salazar, his sword at hand, ready to make some harm.

Shizuma explained to the rest how to channeled their energy and direct it to me. Axel and I stood in position, ready to perform our roles in order to save the world from chaos.

The End

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