Mountain top


We all caught up to Aldrest and Shizuma quickly no matter how beat we where none of us were going to let Candravar do this alone.

"Think I would let you have all the fun, Aldrest?" I said with a smirk and jeer in fun of a more than friendly competition.

"No , but I don't expect you to do much in the condition your in." Aldrest retorted.

"I could say the same to you! Besides I recover fast!" I said showing him that the wound he gave me was already fading.

"Both of you, focus on the task at hand." Albert commanded pointing at the top of the mountain.

It didn't take us long to get there but by the the time we got there what we say was very dismaying. Candravar was on his knees gasping, coughing, and bleeding, he was doing his very best to not be killed by Salazar but the truth was he was already defeated. Candravar spiritual energy was being sucked into the scroll a very dirty and underhanded trick in my opinion.

"YOU BASTARD!" I scream," You coward, you didn't even bother fighting him in a fair fight!"

Salazar turned around sharply, his dark clothes whipping around,"Now that would be stupid, why should I give my enemy an opportunity when I can just take them down without a fight?"

"Axel!" Albert warned

It was already to late as I leaped into the air gathering spirit energy,"Split!" I ordered Maelstrom, which quickly broke into four pieces two of the blades shot down at Salazar which he blocked without appearing to move. Both of the blades penetrated into rock 10 feet below his feet.  I gathered enough spiritual energy to make two arcs to hit him directly at his head. They hit him hard enough to cause him to slide but managed to deflect the two arcs off into the distance and kick me into the mountain side. Kyre appeared at my side and helped me up.

"Thanks." I muttered in slight pain.

"How amusing I didn't think you would have such stupid pawns Cadravar, and neither did I think you would sink as low as using your own academy students. You truly are Pathetic!" Salazar started to laugh Maniacally.

Before I knew what I was doing I was flying at him again this time keeping the spiritual energy on my blade to ensure He does not deflect the attack. He blocks both attacks and deflects me downwards I hold my ground and spin around to kick at his feet he jumps back. Quickly I leapt forward and let one of the sword release the arc and then quickly come up behind him as he deflects the first one. I manage to nearly hit him to him but he disappears  behind me as the arc flies towards everyone else. He was fast. I hear him him coming at , I turn to block his fists with the flat ends of the blades.  he sends me sliding.  Aldrest Albert, and Shizuma make their move as it appears Salazar's attention was on me. 

 They were wrong,  Aldrest strikes appeared to hit Salazar but I saw one Salazars arms move so quickly it was hardly blur as he blocked all three of their strikes. Kyre, Koemi also stepped only to be sent back by Salazar's amazing speed. With Salazars focuse on all five of us Joanne releases an arrow which is slapped away like a bug. We all surrounded him yet none of us landed a single blow on him.

"Really is this all you could Muster up Candravar? A handful of Academy students and young black soul hunter? I should end this right now!" He yelled

He points his arm at the book and suddenly a forces blows past us nearly sweeping us all off our feet. It was some sort of field and it had surrounded the entire mountain the village below it. Seconds afterwards I could see my spiritual energy being sucked into the scroll by Candravars exhausted body. Anger swelled inside of me.

"You're a coward. You can't take us all on without draining away our strength. Your nothing Salazar!" Aldrest said with anger in his voice.

" Ya why do you have to use little cheap tricks to win? Are you so scared you have to use the elder scroll to win? Your worse then a coward, your on a whole entire level." I say in agreement with Aldrest.

"all seven of you could never beat me without me using my spiritual energy. None of you would even survive if I did so why waste such great spiritual energy when I can use it for something else?" Salazar said.

"Damn you!" I yelled charging at gathering more of my spiritual energy. I didn't care how much he took from me, I could just keep recovering more if I had to, At least I think I can!

The End

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