I couldn't control myself everything seemed to be tainted in a red and orange net. It was like something had taken over me. Was it my emotions? Something inside of me? I had no Idea but I was only a spectator in my actions as jumped onto the broken stone work of an extinct era. My sword cut down anything before me as I chased after the violet eyed man. Every time I got close to the bastard he would disappear, and my blade would be cutting through or hacking away at something.  I tried to stop myself, but my rage had taken over another thing I was afraid of. With the help of spirit energy I flew high into the air. Below me I spot two figures, one looked like Aldrest, the other looked like Shizuma. They figures changed into the evil man that my rage so desperately wanted to slay. It was Ironic that my rage knew more about him then I did. My raged fixated on the illusion. I shoot downward at them I was unsure if they were the enemy or my friends.

When I landed I narrowly missed the masked man by only inches, without hesitation my rage swings my sword to meet the his obsidian knife. I press forwards trying to slice up but then beside me another violet eye man appears, and slices my forearm.  As I jump  away the violet eye man fades away revealing Aldrest, and Shizuma momentarily.  When I land I charge forwards attempting to slice both of them at once. I wasn't sure which was the illusion, and even if I did I couldn't seem to control the rage. The two of them manage to avoid the attack, and try to take the opening, another slice on my arm appears, but my rage doesn't care as my leg picks up and kicks them both back. My leg comes down and I twist around swing Maelstrom comes around violent, I can see one of the violet eye men took a hit as he held his stomach.  Maelstrom is brought above my head excutioner styled, the violet eye man stood paralysed as it came down, just as the other breaks in for the rescue pushing me over, and retreating quickly.

My rage builds up, I roar again, and give chase. Even though my rage had taken over, I tried familiarize myself with spirit energy to find out their true identity. It was hard though because I had next to no power over what I was doing. As my body scoured the surroundings. Behind a wall directly ahead of me I hear the sounds of faint footsteps. With one swing the wall crumbles revealing the two men, I charge forwards both of them avoiding the attack and quickly I countering by attacking my exposed back. Even though they had the chance to sever my spinal cords they did not. I shout at "Stop!"  but no words come from my mouth only hesitation in my body. My two opponents take advantage of it and knock me down. The Rage escalates as my spiritual energy begins to manifest me pushing them off. Was it an illusion?Were the violet eyed men really my friends? Or are they true enemy's.  Maelstrom is swung forwards an deadly arc of spiritual energy destroying all obstructions before it.  I had to find out soon, and I had to control over my rage before it consumes me.

The End

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