A Fatal Mistake

I fitted an arrow to my bow. It began to glow and the arrow turned into white blue energy. This time I will not fail. I let the arrow fly and it struck him in his shoulder, to prevent any lashing out. But he lashed out anyway, swinging his flail and striking out at me. But this time I refused to let him catch me. I took a deep breath and jumped to to next pillar. The flail sliced through the top of the pillar I had been on and a large chunk fell to the ground. I was preparing another arrow when his voice stopped me.

"Why are you running Joanne? Is it because you know you are weak?"

"Shut up!" I shot another arrow but he dodged it and send the flail spinning in my direction. I jumped over it and fired again, this time hitting him in the chest. He staggered but resumed his taunt.

"You aren't worthy of being a black soul hunter!"

"I said shut up!"

"You are pathetic! You could never defeat anyone! Aldrest, Shizuma, Axel, Kyre, Koemi. They are all better than you and you don't deserve to be in their ranks."

The flail came at me but this time when I jumped I grabbed on to the chain and when he pulled it back I used the force to kick him in the stomach. He went flying but got back on his feet. I brought out my bow and fired arrow after arrow into his chest. He collapsed on the ground and I pulled him up by his shirt collar.

"And now you're finished."


I looked at his face in confusion. It was then that I realized that I was in a forest, and that the pillars were really trees. But more importantly the person in front of me with the light fading from their eyes wasn't Neil. I had just committed murder.

The End

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