"What is your greatest fear?"

I think about it for a few seconds. "Snakes."

The soul reader turns at me with his eyeless face and I shudder.

"You and I both know that that is not your greatest fear. You greatest fear is of being a failure. Of never succeeding in life. Of never living up to your own expectations." He opens the flap of the tent.

"You may go."

I walk out of the tent and find that I have been transported to a wasteland filled with brimstone and fire and strewn with crumbling marble pillar. I string my bow and walk cautiously, looking out for any movement. I have to be careful. Someone could strike at anytime. My foot catches on something and I fall.

Right into a pit of snakes.

I scream and try to get free but the walls are too high and this time there is no one to pick me up and take me away.  They bite me all over and slither across my torso. Vipers, adders, cobras, hundreds and hundreds of snakes. I grab my dagger and begin to lash out wildly...

Suddenly I was on level ground, lying on a bed of thorns. I get up and continue walking, trying to erase the experience from my mind. I walk around for a while and finally get tired of it. I turn to of the pillars and begin to scale it. I thought it would be hard to grip the surface but it was surprisingly rough and soon I was at the top. I look around at my surroundings and gasp in surprise. Standing there, flail hanging loosely by his side, was Neil.


The End

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