"Your Greatest fear?" The soul reader said in satisfaction. I felt uneasy with these guys I couldn't hide my true nature with all the toughness and anger I put out for the others to see.

" Not surpassing what I am now, or not being strong enough I guess." I reply.

" I see, but there is much more. I can see it within your heart, but yet you know nothing yet of it." The soul read replies, as I see flashes of  the dark clothed man, and his evil Violet eyes, " You may continue." Say the soul reader with a smile. I shiver,  get ting up quickly hauling Maelstrom back onto my back, and leaving the tent.

Outside I was greeted with the ancient runes, it was Soreal to me the broken down archetecture, and  small amount of fog, that seemed to hide the secrets of its sorrowful past. I wasn't too sure about this challenge I could deal with an enemy but my own fears, and doubts where another thing.  I never told anyone ever that I couldn't remember my childhood up until the point of being eight years old when I was found alone and half crazy in a field. I knew something traumatizing had happened, but I never wanted to know what it was.

The fog began to get denser to the point I could not see my hand directly in front of my face.  I felt the tendrils of fear wrap around me, but I stood my ground, "I am not afraid of what isn't there." I say with my teeth clenched tight slowly slackening, I reached for the comforting feeling of Maelstrom's hilt but I stopped mid way calling myself a coward. I moved forwards, the tendrils of fear retreating into the shadows for the time being.  The ground beneath went from stone to the feeling of sand, and the fog turned to a red sand storm, as my five senses became sluggish and somewhat unresponsive. I wasn't sure if this was an illusion or the true nature of the ruins, still it reminded me of my time in my earlier dream. The sand storm hastened as I walked on acting like sandpaper on my face, forcing me to squint, and cover my face with my arm. I cold feel the tendrils of fear darting around my feet waiting to latch on as soon as I wavier my determination, I tried to push the fear away but it seemed to not budge.  A few seconds later the fear heightens as a  rope wraps itself around my legs, and I find myself falling. I reach for Maelstrom but its no longer there.

I look at myself, and I'm no longer the 16 year old me, filled with strength just a weak scrawny little boy wearing a bunch of rags. I'm being dragged across the sand, I twist and turn to no avail, red sand filled my mouth. I tried to force myself out of the illusion but find myself interested in what was to come, but at the same time knowing I would see his face.   A short time later the tension on the rope is slackened and I'm no longer being dragged. A series of voice are heard but the storm muffles out what is being said. Then I'm dragged again onto a wooden floor away from the storm. My mouth is completely dry from the sand but I dare not say a word.  Heavy footsteps sound on the floor as my fears are confirmed. The dark clothed man with the evil violet eyes face appears directly above me the tendrils of fear now completely covered me, my eyes wide my heart pounded like wood pecker.

"I found  him wandering the streets in the storm sir. His parents have been notified that he is dead sir."

"Good job." The violet eyed mans said his voice shook me out of my skin, it sounded like the voices of a thousand shadows my mouth opens to scream or something instead only silence," Now then its time to make that wonderful amount of spirit energy my own shall we?" He said his eyes widening and his pupils becoming slit like as he takes off the black piece of fabric revealing a pale snaked skinned jaw line, he opened his mouth the smell of rotting bodies, his teeth that of a sharks. He brings out a obsidian black knife encrested with a green gemstone in the mouth of a demon. My body begins to shake, and I feel my spiritual energy bursting out from my skin as the bastard stabs me. My grasp on sanity fades as Maelstrom appears in my hand and the spiritual energy erupting like a forest fire out of control. I slash the violet eyed monsters he disappears, and reappears holding his knife  between his index finger and thumb like a pen.  I run forwards the spiritual energy around me destroying everything it touches. I scream, yell, and growl like an animal.


The End

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