Getting from the crater to the finish line was blur to me hardly memorable as my adrenaline disappeared, and as my wounds took their toll on my body. I couldn't remember the last time I had properly had myself beaten up. I don't think I ever bled like this, I don't think I ever had a broken bone before. However I pushed on through on setting haze until I saw people, and that's when I collapsed and slipped into my dreamscape.

As soon as I passed through the darkness, I found myself standing in sandy precipice surrounded by a red craggy rock. The wind blew red sand into my eyes,  this place looked so familiar to me, yet so very unfamiliar to me.  I wanted to grasp Maelstroms hilt for the comfort of having it in the palm of my hand. However it was not slung across my back like it usually is. I span around in worry, until I catch a glimpse of it in the distance in a destroyed village.  That too looked familiar to me, yet so very unfamiliar.  Unease filled my veins but I felt drawn to the destroyed village which looked like it had been sculpted from the red ridges that surrounded precipice.  Each step I took I felt a heavy weight from above. I felt so weak and vulnerable. 

To prove myself, and kill my fears I continued on even though every bone in my body shook and trembled. When I finally reached Maelstrom I Pulled it out of ground quickly and whipped it so it levelled on my  shoulder. Comfort and warmness filled my body as a sense of security wrapped itself around me. Sunlight broke through the blanked of the grey clouds ahead revealing the warmness of the destroyed village.  Now the presence of evil had faded, I sheathed the sword, and let a breath of relief. The clouds parted, and the wind had died down. Still the destroyed and abandoned village was stringing something in my head. Arrrrr! What is it? What is this place? Why did it sit in my mind so comfortably like a stray cat finding home inside you house without permission?

I looked ahead of me for answers finding my self disturbingly surprised as a man clothed in black stared with his merciless Violet eyes into my own. Fear Struck through me like a lightening bolt. The Sun had suddenly was consumed by darkness as a wind bearing evil blew in blowing the red sand into a monstrous head that roared to the end of time. Darkness came over me again as the real world began to come back.

"He is going into cardiac arrest!" A doctor said keeping her cool. I felt the pain in my chest then another relinquishing the first as my heart came back around.

" What the hell he is waking up, with a sudden stabilization?" The doctor said now looking at me. The world still sounded like it was a little out of connection  but it was slowly becoming more clearer to me.  I sit up. My body was in pain but I was no longer bleeding.

"Axel how are you feeling?" The doctor asks.

" A bit confused, I never felt this much pain before, but I think I'm going to be as good as new in a few minutes."

"Are you Insane, you just came out of Cardiac arrest?"

" So what? I Actually feel pretty good on the inside just a few bruises something that I can handle." I say confidentially slipping my feet of the surgical bed, and bringing myself to standing, examining the cuts that ran up and down my body.

"You shouldn't even be capable of standing. Get back in bed this instance!" The doctor screamed.

" No I got this far in the competition I got a keep going!" I say raising my voice to out-compete hers.

"Oh yeah well who is the Doctor."

"Who cares, my body, and I know it can take whatever is coming." I retort looking for a some clothers then realizing I probably had barely enough material left from the fight to make a pair of shorts with.

"At least let me check you over, and get you some clothes." The Doctor says unaprovinggly.

As she checked me over she asked me to close my eyes, I did as I told, and when I did I saw the man clothed in black with the evil violet eyes. I jumped slight my eyes wide open fear trickled down my spine like cold water. I shivered.

" Are you sure okay?" the doctor said.

"Yeah,  room is cold that's all." I said with the confidence I usually had but somehow the fear that I felt had managed to work itself in there.

An hour later I walk out of the medical tent wondering how Kyre was doing, and what everybody else was up to.

The End

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