I leaned against a tree, watching the rain fall in the distance, blurring the distant world. A sigh escaped my lips as I heard Candravar approach, his heavy clothing striking the leaves.

Candravar stood beside me and mumbled "Our foe is ruthless."

  I turned to see his bleak face. Your getting to old for this, Candravar. You can't fight our wars anymore.

I stated "It's what distinguishes the great, a considerable trait."

"We can not fall to their ignorance and frailty of morales."

Annoyance crossed my voice "We are more then heroes that always do the right thing. We do the wrong things for the right reasons."

Candravar shook his head "There is alwa-"

I broke into a yell "What way?! Tell me, or have you been too busy dreading what might happen, knowing you can't do a thing about it?!"

Candravar nodded "We can not stop the game."

I stepped close to Candravar and screamed "Why not?! What could possibly be so important?!"

Candravar sighed "I did not come here to argue. You must promise me."

Taken aback by his exhaustion, I stepped back, anger and guilt tearing through me. I asked "Wh-"

"You must promise to do exactly as I say, no matter what. Even if it puts our lives at stake."

I crossed my arms, staring into Candravars eyes. I stated "Alright, shoot."

The End

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