As I set off I thought this challenge would be easy.  I'd seen my opponent, a girl in the same class as me who I'd seen practising in the gym sometimes.  She was good, but I was better.

As soon as the signal was given I was off into the trees, wanting to be the one leading the chase, not playing catch up.  I jumped, grabbing hold of a branch with one hand and swinging myself upwards, feet landing on the wood so I could jump again, climbing higher and higher towards the treetops.

I knew my opponent was following me, I could hear the leaves rustling behind me as she pursued me.

I continued to swing from branch to branch effortlessly, waiting for the right moment to pounce.  When I heard her gaining on me I dropped so I was holding onto the branch I had previously been standing on.  I was hidden by the foliage but that also meant I wouldn't see my attacker until she was right on top of me.  I had to get my timing perfect or I would miss.

Moments later I felt the branches around me begin to bend and a split second later, I saw my opponent fly above me.  Using all of my upper body strength and momentum I swung myself backwards, arching my back so my legs made contact with the backs of my opponents knees, sending her falling onto another branch.

I let go of the branch, landing smoothly, perfectly balanced.  My opponent was on her feet though too, a lot quicker than I had anticipated.

'Just give me the handkerchief,' my opponent said, her chest heaving up and down, 'and I won't hurt you.'

'I'm not going to give in that easily.  Do you not know me at all?'

'I can't say I do know you.'

'Well you will after this,' I said, leaping and grabbing a branch about a metre above my head.  My legs swung, catching the girl on her chin and sending her flying backwards.  In the same motion, I let go of the branch, landing where my opponent had been standing seconds before, just in time to grab her hand before she fell off the branch and down hundreds of metres to the forest floor.

'Now just give me the handkerchief,' I said, 'and I won't let you fall.'

'I'm not going to do that,' she hissed up at me.

'OK then,' I said, loosening my grip slightly on her wrists, letting her drop a fraction of an inch.

'Stop!  I'll give it to you!'  She hurriedly scrabbled around, searching for her scrap of material, which she shoved at me.  'Now please help me up.'

I pulled her back up onto the branch, making sure she wasn't going to fall when I let go.

'Don't even think about it,' I said, as I felt her hand reach for the handkerchieves in my back pocket.  'I'm not that stupid.'

'It was worth a shot,' she said shrugging.

'I'll see you later then' I said awkwardly, not sure what to do, so beginning my descent without another word.

I ran as fast as I could back to the clearing but was stopped dead in my tracks when I discovered all my fellow classmates had made it back first.

I can't be last.  How on earth can I be last?!

The End

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