Albert ran through the forest as fast as he could. Kyre had los consciousness five minutes ago. Behind him he could still hear the intense battle between Axel, and Neil. He was worried about Axel, the three of them barely knocked Neil out earlier, and Axel had went all out. Still he had to get Kyre to some form of aid. Right now he had to believe Axel could handle Neil himself.  That's before he felt the evil black Aura rise. Albert turned around to see just above the horizon of tree's the black aura reach to the sky seeming to steal the light.   The Aura sent a small shiver up his spine. He had to hurry up something just wasn't right about that black aura, and it seemed to exponentially increasing. Axel was going to be toast if he didn't hurry up. Albert's Pace picked up.

By the time Albert reached the finishing point a fight had broken up ten minutes ago and his arrival peaked the curiosity of those who had already finished.

"I need medical attention here right now!" He yelled even though he was gasping for air Cadravar, Shizuma, Aldrest came bolting over before a doctor did.

"What happened?" Aldrest asked quickly with worry all over his face.

Albert Panted, " Neil....Attacked....Him.....and...... Axel....... Axel......Is.......Still fighting......him......Some.. thing....... is....wrong..... with..."

"Catch your breath." The doctor said putting Kyre, on a stretcher," He is going to be fine, its a good thing you got here, He wouldn't have much longer to live." The doctor said now having a crew of nurses lifting Kyre to safety with the doctor listing the things he needed to save him.

"Albert, tell me everything."



Neil and I collided in a hurricane of force our spirit energy's both overflowing the field and carving a small landscape in the crater. I for the second time in this competition was bleeding but this time more heavily. Many deep cuts covered my skin, none lethal but they definitely hurt. I was panting hard, it was hard to keep up with Neil. Flails where coming at me in all directions,as well Neil himself. I spun around an arc  protected me from another bout of flails. Above me I feel the presence of Neil coming down upon me, I slice up up cutting his shoes, and sending him flipping to the ground. He was still covered in the dark aura but where I had managed to hit him were cracks in it. The black Aura shrouding him seemed to act like an armour. I smiled as I charged and sliced rapidly sending a storm of arc at him they hit sending him back and exploding. 

Running through the veil of light from my spirit energy I catch up to Neil who had taken damage from the attack. I swing again holding onto the spirit energy that wrapped itself around my sword and hit him on the side. The black aura shattered, and exploded in a wall of darkness which carried me far across the crater, and into the wall. For a moment I lost contact with the world as a wave of fatigue and pain came over me. It came back blurry but I could make an out line of Neil screaming if he was in intense pain, and anger. My eyes closed refocusing on the word. I desperately tried to fill my chest with air. I looked at Neil, his eyes were still red but his body was now more human like. He let out more screams before he saw me laying vulnerable and exposed. The screaming stopped. I tried to move, buI fealt as heavy as lead. Neil began to walk towards me, a dreadful smile on his face.

"Move." I said trying to sound strong but it came out all raspy. I struggle to catch my breath, while Neil moved closer, and closer as if he knew I was still conscious, and I incapable of moving. I feel my lungs finally reacts to the life giving gas.

"Move Goddamit!" I yell at myself. My body responded in a shock wave of pain as Neil punches me in the chest releasing the air I tried so hard to collect.  He picked me up bring my eyes to his which right now were red. He looked at me then smiled evilly throwing me up then jumping to kick me, with kick successions he beat the living crap out of me. More then several times did my body black out but somehow I managed to fight my way to consciousness. After what felt like an eternity, Neil lets my body fall limply to the ground. I hit the ground and felt no pain, I had failed Albert, and Kyre. I had lost. My eyes began to close, and this time I didn't think I could fight my way to consciousness. The world went out as I gave up. I was pissed at myself, I had given up. Its not like me to give up. WHY DID I GIVE UP?! I'M SUCH A PIECE OF CRAP! As my rage filled the canyons of my mind , A redness filled the darkness that I was facing.

The redness forced my eyes open, before me my orange aura now filled with larger amounts of black exploded before the Neils feet. My body felt lighter, Instinctively I found myself standing up. The blood running down my arm had dried while I was unconscious, but yet a small drop caught my eye. I watched the droop of blood fall to the ground and when it did.  Round three had begun for us.  I looked up I saw Maelstrom about 50 feet behind Neil. The Neil with red eyes smiled as he saw me make eye contact at me.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" I yell charging at him, and punching him in the chest with my left, I punch him again with my right, then left again. In rapid succession I hit him multiple times with out fail, still he smiled. I ended the barrage with a kick. Beside me was Maelstrom. I pulled out it of the ground, I was going to destroy Neil. He crashed into the the Wall of the crater dust kicked up, but I didn't have to wait long before he shot out of the dust. Spirit energy wrapped around my sword thicker than it ever had been before I swung as Neil swung his giant fail surrounded in black. A bright light burned my eyes All I felt was a storm of spirit energy for thirty seconds before it dispersed, and the world returned clearer, and quiet, I could even hear the song of a bird even though destruction had filled the area for the last few minutes. Behind me stood Neil In a similar pose to mine. Our weapons pointed to the ground blood dropping steadily from them. I looked down to my abdomen to see three scratches across my right. I then turned to look at Neil who's left arm had been chopped off. He turned around the red eyes had disappeared.

"Looks like I used up all my spirit energy." He said calmly," and I have wasted enough time playing with you, I have to finish something, but let me reassure you Axel this isn't over." 

I went to respond but he had disappeared into thin air before I got the chance.


"  This is horrible, the boy must be caught immediatly!" Salazar said.

"Indeed, I have already dispatched a few elite hunters to the scene." Cadravar replied.

"This has  something to do with you!" Aldrest said with contempt.

"Shut your mouth boy, I already told you this has nothing do with me." Salazar replied," Cadravar we need to speak in private I don't think we need this-boys presence at the moment." Aldrest shook in anger.

"Salazar please do show some clear headed thinking.

At that very moment Axel's came out of the forest, and exhausted, and collapsed.

The End

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