Decisive Battle



30 metres ahead of Kyre, Albert, and I many flails shoot out of the debris, and dust. I swing my sword with rapid succession the forest is torn up as waves of spirit energy tear through it. Albert and Kyre take off with great speed in the opening that Neil left.  The dust settles, and Albert has disappeared as Kyre valiantly takes Neil on one on one. Where had Albert gone?  I charged into the Frey as Kyre dodges five potentially lethal blows. He counters so quickly the eye couldn't catch. Neil took a hit on the shoulder with one of the daggers.  Behind him Albert appears just as he cuts Neil across the back. Kyre stabs him in the neck as Albert jumps out of Neil's arm length. I stop in mid step  to see Niel fall to his knee's his head sunk to his chin to chest as if in prayer. They had gotten him, so I thought. Krye took a serious blow to the shoulder, and came flying past me with speeds matching a peregrine falcon. Hit shoulder wound began to heal as he stood up revealing his neck wound which was not healing as quickly.  He gasped for air.

"Is that all you've got? The three of you together, aren't enough. The academy is truly pathetic!"

"Shut it!" I yell my voice filled with anger.   I charge with little thought, easily deflecting Neil's flails Albert disappears in distortion making himself invisible.   I quickly find myself blocking a storm of flails  unable to make a counter attack as Neil's grasp on victory nears.  I make  hundreds of arcs, destruction ensues as the energy cuts through the chains. Albert hits Neil wit rapidly cutting him across the torso, so fast he is unable to counter. Now that Neil's Flail was Damaged, I had every opening imaginable to end this battle before his spirit energy is able to relink the chains.  I jump up gathering spirit energy around Maelstrom. To any observer it would look like Maelstrom was on fire. Sliced down releasing a massive arc of spirit energy. Neil brings his hand up as if to catch the arc, I struggle to see more as the arc of my spirit energy hits Neil. An explosion ensues, with little to time to react I bring my arm to cover my eyes as I'm blown back.

The light from the explosion disappears as my own spirit energy disperse revealing a crater in the forest, I begin to plummet to the ground. I see Neil laying in the middle of the crater, his body was still in tact which amazed me. Albert's silhouette appeared on the edge of the crater his blade still drawn. He jumps into the crater, and holds it to Neil's neck. I use my spirit energy to make it over there.

" Is alive?" I ask.

Albert nods in response, and signals to be quiet.   I bring Maelstrom to my shoulders, as I see Neil make  struggling breaths.  His armour had been burnt heavily, and cut to shreds revealing a muscular body full of scars Including a long scar from  his left shoulder to his right hip. Blood had dried along the edge of it. I guessed that was from me. 

"Got the Hankerchiefs." Albert exclaims passing me the red one, while he held the purple one.

"Thanks." I say before realizing," Wait! Where is Kyre?!! Is he alright?"  Behind me someone taps my shoulder I turn around violently nearly hitting him with the eight long Maelstrom. He held his shoulder blood was running down his shirt, his face was more pale then it usually was. He collapsed to his knee's coughing up blood. Albert rush's to his side. 

"Hey emo! hold in there! We got your hankerchief." He says holding him up from hitting the ground.

"Kyre." His name was all that I could manage to say before feeling guilt for not looking for him first.

"We  have to get him to Medic quickly, he is in shock, he has lost a lot of blood. Other then the fact the wound is large it wouldn't be too life threatening once we get him stabilized. We also need to report this to Cadravar immediately" Albert says calmly while patching the wound. I admired his ability to be as calm as he was right now.

"Alright, I will see Cadravar." I say with my voice quivering between anger, and worry.

"You won't be going anywhere Axel!" Neil says standing up behind us, just barely though he was hunched over and his face read pain all over it. His aura took off but it seemed be mostly ruled by black then purple instead of it before being more purple then black.

"Give it a rest Neil, your too beaten up to fight..." The black aura surrounded.

"Axel you finish up here." Albert orders, passing by me with Kyre held delicately in his arms. Kyre gave me a reassuring thumbs up as they passed by.  I knew there was no way I could fail now, both of them trusted me.  I built my own spirit energy to compete with his. His black aura dispersed fixing his broken weapon. Neil no longer looked human. He was completely shrouded in black and his eyes glowed ominously red.

"Neil?" I question as if he no longer was Neil. Neil or the dark thing growled at me and charged with the flail at a speed I could not see. Before I knew it I was sliding backwards fighting to stay on my feet. I swung forwards, the arc burned through the air, Neil dodged it, and swung his flail down. I tried to deflect cloud of flails but it was no use as I they hit the ground exploding chaos ensued, I was hit a few times heavily. Blood ran down my right arm as my left went numb. My clothing had been torn to shreds. My jacket fell to the ground below me in a smile pile. Luckily for the most part my pants were covering me up. Neil roared a roar that shook the ground the dark aura came like a storm. I gripped my sword, In excitement. Neil or whatever he is now is strong, stronger than I am, but I felt like I couldn't lose. I felt Invincible


The End

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