Picking up fights


I keep casting furtive glances toward Salazar's direction, hoping for signs that will give him away in this dirty game he placed the hunters in. For moments, I fear the fate of the competitors who have been struck down, that meant more than half of the hunting community had disappeared if my fears were confirmed.

"How about we team up doll?" a teasing voice rang in my ears.

I cringed at the sound of the aggravating voice and immediately spin around to watch the owner. It was Karion, with a kerchief safely tied to his wrist, worst of all, he was talking to Shizuma.

"No thanks," she answered coldly and crossed her arms in her chest.

"Come on," Karion gestured closer to Shizuma and placed a finger underneath her chin, "we will make such a great team."

Shizuma slapped his finger away from her and glowered at him, "if you dare place a finger on me you will suffer the same fate as your friend Neil." She warned with contempt in her voice when she pronounced that name.

I saw Karion flinched inwardly, although I had not witness the duel, I was pretty sure Shizuma had overpowered Neil and maybe made him look like the loser he was. Despite her warnings, Karion stepped closer to Shizuma as if challenging her warning, he was a most disgusting expression in his face.

A strange feeling was rising in my chest, giving way to strong emotions leaning close to hatred and contempt. I walk up the them and upon reaching them I shoved Karion away from Shizuma. I glared at him as I stand just in front of Shizuma, blocking her from his view. First, a loathing crosses Karion's face, then a smiles settles on his lips.

"Aldrest, what are you doing?" Shizuma whispered in exasperation, "don't go picking up unnecessary fights!"

"This isn't unnecessary," I whispered back, without once taking my eyes off Karion. "It will do you good to listen to what she says," I said to Karion.

"Or else?" he mocked. "Are you going to rescue her as you did earlier with Axel when Neil was picking on him?"

"I will do it with anybody picking on my friends," I replied coolly.

"Who will rescue you then?" Karion reached for his lance strapped on his back.

"As if I needed," I answered reaching for my twin swords, thirsty for some physical action.

"Entertainment!" Salazar voice exclaimed, apparently delighted at the sight of two students battling. "We still have some time before the challenge is over and many of the competitors aren't out yet. I think its a great idea that these two kids battle. Objections?" He swept the area for negative responses, "Candravar?"

"We are not in the academy's grounds," he replied softly. Joanne was at his side and now Shizuma joined them.

"Great, then lets begin!" Salazar step back to allow us space. I saw a furtive glimpse passed between him and Karion, that moment I knew Salazar wasn't alone in this and probably Neil was involved too.

Karion shoulders his lance and cocks his head sideways analising me. I rub my swords together, causing sparks to erupt from the blades as I swing them effortlessly to my sides. I gave one final look toward Candravar, his eyes assured me of his decision and silently wished me good luck.

Karion charges toward me, the blade of his lance was tilted downwards, apparently a new trick he learned. The tip was directed to my feet as it grazed the ground beneath the deadly weapon, I jump out of place and flip behind him. With the blunt side of the blade I hit his back, sending him some metres away from me. He recovers balance and swung his lance horizontally, I crossed my swords and block his lance halfway through the path. I took some steps toward him and kick him in the gut, the impulse sends him flying backward in a projectile path. He lands on his back, his lance limp on his hands.

I prowled around him, my swords always ready for another of his attack. He swerved his lance just inches from the floor and knocks me off balance, then he stands up and before my body hits the ground, he kicks me on my side. Pain seared through my body as I flew through the air, landing on my shoulder and scrape the ground until I come to a stop.

General murmurs of excitement reigned in the crowd, as many of the full fledged black soul hunters were criticizing and praising our combat skills. I stand up, realising none of us had made use of our spiritual energy. Just then I see a yellow glimmer just above me and through the curtain of dust I see Karion just above me, charging with his lance at me. It was too late when I realised, all I could do was take some steps back to avoid the collision of his lance. His lance buries deep in the ground, the force and winds caused by the lance crashing into the ground were strong and sends me tumbling back.

Karion steps out of the wall of dust, shouldering his lance. Instantly, I grab my swords and stand up before giving him a chance to touch me. His lance goes down on me again, but this time I deflect his lance to my side and pin it down on the ground, disabling mobility. My other sword goes directly to Karion's throat and stops centimetres before reaching flesh.

For many seconds we stand still, my strong eyes looking into his weak and pleading ones. Silence was prevailed just to be broken by Salazar.

"Come on, what are you waiting for?" Salazar said, "slit open his throat."

I drop my sword and sheath them back. "This is over," I walked in silent victory back to Candravar who beamed at me with pride. Then I turn toward Salazar, "I am not like you."

[sorry for the sudden change from past tense to present tense! I got excited and decided to change the use of tenses, thought present time will be better :D. Will edit tomorrow.]

The End

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