A purple handkerchief tied securely around my forehead, I walked around the forest looking for my quarry. I had my bow drawn and my dagger within reach. This was proving to be harder that I thought. It was as if there was no one in the forest. In the first challenge everything was out in the open. All I had to do was injured my opponents before they got close and after that it was easy. But here it was different. I could track people but I couldn't be sure she was tracking they right person. I could wait and watch but I couldn't be sure anyone would come that way. Worst of all, someone could sneak up behind me at any moment.

"Hello, Joanne."

Like now.

I whirled around and found Neil behind me. I looked to see what color he had but he wasn't wearing a handkerchief. He was holding a lot of handkerchiefs though, all of them bloody.

"Hey!" I said in irritation, "You're hogging all the handkerchiefs! You're only suppose to get one!"

Neil grinned. "I know. Now I'm going to take yours." Faster than I could have imagined possible he lunged at me, flail flying toward me. I dodged out of the way and shot at him. He dodged and lunged again, aiming at my  chest. I blocked it with my bow and used it to hit him in the hand. He kicked me away and picked up my handkerchief from where it had fallen on the ground.

"Okay," I said. "You win. You can go now." Instead Neil knocked my bow away with his flail and cut my arm. I reeled back and Neil struck at me again and again.

"What are you doing?" I yelled. "You have my handkerchief!"

Neil slashed me in the stomach and I fell over. "I don't want the handkerchief." He said, whirling his flail above his head. "I just want to kill you." He looked up suddenly as if he had been called.

"You're in luck. I have other business to attend to." He walked away. I staggered to my feet and picked up the yellow handkerchief he had dropped when I hit his hand. Then I checked the one I was wearing beneath my sleeve. Yup, still there. Looks like that set of purple handkerchiefs  my aunt gave me was useful after all. Grabbing my bow, I stumbled back toward the clearing.

The End

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