I looked at my Handkerchief Red as my hair. Great.  Kyre sauntered over to my side.

"What colour do you have?"

"Red. Yours?"

"Blue. Axel I was thinking it would be smarter if we teamed up since we do not have to fight each other, and we could help each other."

"That doesn't sound like such a bad idea. We'll be able to finish faster." I say feeling like I owed it to Kyre for leaving out of my private sessions but also feeling like Aldrest would say something like. " To weak to beat the second hunting game Axel?" I shouldn't care really though who knows would be my opponent. I was hoping it was Neil, or Aldrest. However I wanted to fight Aldrest at the very last part, he was to strong to have wasted this early in the games.

"Lets head out." I say

Kyre nods and we head into the forest canopy observing our surroundings carefully already seeing violent battles being waged between black soul hunters. We chose to go around the battle to avoid being exposed to our enemy with the same handkerchiefs. As time went on my frustration was growing not a red and not a blue handkerchief to be spotted. Kyre and I both landed on the ground as I scoured the forest floor seeing blood dripping from above. A body hung upside down, her throat cut, and only just an academy student.

"What the hell?" I anger disappearing.

"This isn't right! Where is Cadravar?" Kyre says.

" someone needs to tell him." I say feeling an adrenaline rush turning around, forgetting the game.

"Are you scared Axel?" I hear a familiar yet different voice from above.  The air behind me breezes forwards as I hear someone hit the ground lightly. I turn around drawing Maelstrom to block a flail.

"Neil?" Kyre and I say in unison.

He removes his flail with a smile.

"Looking for these?" He says holding out a large amount of handkerchiefs including red, and blue," Axel this fight will be nothing like in the arena, I do believe the both of us were holding back more than half of our capabilities. But I assure you if you fail to give it you all. I will kill you!" He says swing the his flail which separates into an almost uncountable amount as a purple aura begins to develop.

"Kyre you take the back I will take forwards!" I say as a storm of flails hits the ground throwing up dirt as the spiritual energy is released causing explosions. I dodge each as I go towards Neil noticing the colour of his eyes had changed to black. Why is he so different suddenly? I slice up using an arch of spiritual energy to slice the chains Kyre quickly hits his back like an assassin, giving critical blows as blood came from his back. But his face showed no pain as he turned  and hit Kyre with the hilt of his flail sending him flying into a large tree. A black aura suddenly became present as it lined around his wounds healing them, Leaving no trace of any wound. He turns to face me again.

"Like I said give it your all, stop holding back, the both of you. This is not a fight in the academy. Its a fight for your life!" He laughs. Kyre gets up a small amount of blood on his  cheek coming from his mouth.

"Hey emo! Your doing it all wrong!"  Albert says landing beside him.

"Watch out!" I say to the both of them rushing to them as a flurry of flails heading there direction. I quickly deflect as many as I can as Albert skill fully pulls back also deflect a huge amount. Kyre does the same.

"Three against one? That is not very fair, but none of you have the spirit energy to even counteract mine!" He laughs releasing a large amount a violet coloured aura surrounds a six meter radius around him with the same black aura inside it as mine. Where did that come from?  The wind rage violently blowing the tree's back, and making it hard to stand still without your weight being forced back as dust and debris came at you.

"Witness your own Demise!" Neil says as the dust clears, and whirlwind of Flails came flying at us only just blurs to the eyes, I take a hit to the chest, and get shot up into the air past the skyline of trees. With spirit energy I balance myself, and fall slowly to ground. Alright Neil was strong ,very strong, and if none of us didn't go all out we would die. I guess I had no other choice, but to show my new skills. I breathed in slowly, my Spirit energy breaks out I speed towards the ground directly above Neil. I slice down breaking a few flails on my way down and hit his shoulder.  A flail hits my own shoulder sending me behind Neil, and I hold my ground only sliding a few meters.

"I see you have finally gotten serious. Axel." Neil says.

"Slice." I command

Maelstrom grows black as the dark aura changes it to be longer, and less thicker. I focus my spiritual energy, and blast slice at Neil as he turns to unexpectedly to see the long Maelstrom, and the arc of orange and black hitting his hilt. he winces as he slides backwards from the force as the arc leads him through a few trees, and explodes forcing trees to the ground in a 20 meter circle about 3o meters ahead of me.  Albert, and Kyre appear behind me.

"Do you think that got him?" Kyre asks.

"No. This is the true beginning of this battle." Albert says.

The End

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