I swung away from Aldrest and in to the trees. My plan was to stay in the trees and have an over all view of everything. It wasn't long before I spotted an older hunter stalking through the trees with an orange kerchief around his arm. I was about to swing down when I spotted movement to the left of him. Two men without kerchiefs were slinking through the woods, keeping an eye out. I guess they were there to keep an eye on things.

I jumped lightly through the trees until I was above the man. He fell when I jumped on him, and I jumped back quickly, pulling out my whip. He was up in a flash and pulling out his weapon, but I disabled him and flicked my whip again, cutting the kerchief he wore in half. It dropped to the floor. The man growled and leapt at me, but I ducked and rolled under his out-stretched arm. The kerchief was in my hand and I was about to swing myself up when I felt something hit my head. I winced and swung round. The man was brandishing rocks in his hand. I felt something sticky at the back of my head.


I whipped out my spinning disks and sent them one after the other in to him, until he lay unconscious with his head on a tree, and cuts in his stomach and arms. Then I climbed back in to the trees. Just as I was about to go off, I saw the two men I'd seen earlier go up to the man. And kill him. I blinked. Surely I hadn't seen that? I raced back to the start and began to seek out Candravar. I was him with Aldrest and ran up to them. My head hurt.

The End

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