The short tempered, the composed, the strong, and the well dressed



The platform swayed and bounced as all of us stepped onto the platform. I gave a grin one student from the academy, two full fledged black soul hunters.  My first opponent looked me up and down.

"You must be Axel Chaos. My son has told me all about your moves from your fight with him. I must say he was an idiot to misjudge your strength. I will not make the same mistake and take you out quickly." He said and I could only guess he was Neil's father by the looks of his weapon, and his boasting.

" Good, I don't want to waste my time." I retort. The Academy student was slender, and seemed to have a knack for fashion as his suit was prim, and well dressed.

" Your quite good looking, but with that much muscle will slow you down hun."  He said with quite the lisp, which explained his fashion. The strongly built women just laughed.

"Don't get to cocky kid, your absurd fashion on the battlefield will only lead to your downfall." The well dressed student was about to reply when the Salazar started the competition. I dodge left as fury of  Blades on a chain came at me with lightening speed. I Grab the chain and yank Neil's father towards me. He stumbles off balance from the force as well as the bouncing of the the platform, with my other hand I punch him in the face sending him rolling backwards hit a wall his weapon dangling dangerously off the edge.

He was dazed so I take the opportunity  run over to him and throw him off. However he recovers slightly and manages to get his weapon and wrap it around my ankle causing me to fall to the ground. He uses spiritual energy to make the chain impossible hard to rip off without using spiritual energy.  He begins to whip me off the platform letting go to early allowing me to grab hold of the edge, and quickly pull myself back, and tackle him to the ground.

"Child why aren't you using your Maelstrom?" He gasps.

"You haven't given me the chance to get it." I bark in his hear.

I take his arm and smash into the ground breaking both his arm, and the wood he screams in pain.  With one hand I pick him up and throw him off into the torrents below. Neil was far stronger than him.  I turn to look at the women and the student duke it out. Both had not managed to hit the other the women was much slower than the slender academy student, and the women was to strong for the academy student for either to make a decisive blow.  I sat down, I will give them a few more minutes or until my patients up before I interfere.

"You bastard, stop moving, and I will for sure show you what strength can do!"

"I already have you can't touch me!"  The student retorts, bring out a wavy sword that looked like it was a snake. He slashes downwards the women blocked it with her large sword which comes apart with metallic strings holding a portion of each bit of the blade. It snaps around the kid, and slices his back, causing him to stagger back. The woman slices down at him. He rolls away , and counters slicing her sword away and cutting her thigh. Both blows were not extreme , but the kid wound was worse than the woman's wound.  He got up and the fight continued sparks flying, and metal on metal filled the air. I looked at the other fight seeing my friends fights coming to an end. Alright I had enough I will finish this! I jump into the fray sending the two assailants to there respectable sides of the platform, both landing on their butts, as I slam in to the wood.

"You bastard don't you have any honour! I have not finished this brat off!" The women Yelled.

"Ya loser get out of the way this not your fight!"  The student yelled, as my rage snapped, I forget the woman for a moment as  I jump into the air and tackle the student to the ground.  His sword slices across my abdomen the blade tearing the skin but not getting through. His eyes widen as he realizes my skin is like an armour.  I pick him up and smash him into the wall.

"I'm not a loser, weakling!" I yell as the woman behind me goes to strike me from above. I Unsheathe Maelstrom and block   just above the back of my head. The woman remained in the air using her spiritual energy.

" I can take both of you on!" I shout angering filling my body, I spin sending both opponents to the other side of the platform and fully unsheathing Maelstrom. My two enemy's impacted the wood causing the platform to shake violently. I hold my ground seeing the wood behind them compacted and one hit away from becoming a large hole in the wall.  They both get up, and charge at me with a small amount of teamwork.

"We work together to take this loser down, and after that we finish this!" The student yells.

"Agreed." The woman reply's. The Student ran as the woman back him up from behind using her swords whip like feature as a ranged weapon I block dodge.

"What is it Axel? Your sword to big to handle?!" The student snarls.  More anger fill as I swing the sword with one hand causing the student  slide to the edge.

"No I hardly need to use against you small fry!" I snarl back.

The woman flanks me whipping her blade at me I black as her sword connects spraying sparks at my eyes. The student takes the opportunity to charge at me. I go to perry off his weaker attacks which works but I didn't have the time to get out of the woman's downward strike. Her blade hits me with such force I feel the wood underneath me collapses as the blade slices across my skin tearing across my chest the blood  running  down as the blade also slices across my stomach ripping my black jacket apart. The woman retracts her sword looking surprised.

" That should have cut much deeper than that!"  She said as the student comes at her side as I block on of his attacks.

"My skin is much thicker than the average human, you will have to use more force than that. But I commend you on the fact you were able to slice some muscle tissue." I reply bring Maelstrom to my shoulder casually.

"What are you?" The woman shrieks, as she realizes the true size of Maelstrom.

I grin the anger fading away, as I charge forwards gathering some spirit energy and with one left to right slash with an arc of spirit energy, the two fly off the platform, and free fall into the waters. The arc of spirit energy cuts through the wall of the platform causing it to collapse. With quick thinking I manage to get out as it also falls into the torrent below.  I looked around seeing that Aldrest, Kyre, Shizuma, and somewhat familiar girl had finished before. I was slightly disappointed I did not finish with their speed, but pride had also filled my body, I had defeat two full fledged black soul hunters, and one student academy student, singlehandedly without having to show my new techniques or using a large portion of my spirit energy.

The End

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