Kyre: First Challenge

I watched the Black Soul Hunters get on the wooden platform before me. One had a whip, another had dual daggers and the last had a longsword. I looked around and saw that some people were already done! We just started how is that possible? One of the Hunters charged towards me but I quickly sidestepped and he ran right past."Pathetic..." I stated. He heard and ran towards me swinging his longsword trying to slice me. As for me, I easily dodge those swings. The man was definitely tired, I could see it in his face. As he was off guard, I dashed towards him, frontflip and kick him off the wooden platform."Like I said, Pathetic..." I taunted.

Next was the guy with the whip. He did a swift motion with his whip and hit my arm. It stung. "Ow.."  I Swiftly ran towards him but he moved his wrist and the whip reacted and hit me in the arm again. He was definitely skilled. I channelized my daggers and dashed towards him but stop when he hits me with the whip again. I threw both daggers but he manages to hit only one while the other hits him in the arm he was using to hold the whip. He dropped the whip and holds the other arm. I smirk, and I do several frontflips, land in front of him grab my dagger and punch him off the platform, kicking his whip in after him.

Last was the man with the dual daggers. He looked very familiar like I knew him from somewhere. He strangely looks like my dad. The man speaks, "Ah, look how good you've gotten my dear nephew." He was my uncle! Well that explains alot. "Well my grandmother taught me well along with this academy." I reply. He dashed towards me as I mimic his moves as he starts attacking. We both clashed metal and did every move exactly the same. "So did grandmother teach you too?" I asked. He nods and again dashes to me. Again we both do lots of the same moves but this time he cuts my wrist. I hear Albert shout out from the crowd "EMO!". I smile. I decided to do a different tactic. It is indeed risky but I will attemp it. I stand near the edge and wait for him to dash. As I inticipated he dashes but slower since he has gotten tired. He was about 2 meters away from me as I do a frontflip hit his leg with my dagger, watch him fall and grab my dagger and kick him off.

I look around, I see Shizuma, Axel and Aldrest still fighting. I walk off the platform.


The End

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