I'd always been good at balance, but this was a struggle even for me. Two of the opponents on my platform immediately began fighting each other, while the third advanced to me. I pulled out my whip, and flicked it. His head snapped back, and when he looked back there was a gash over his eye. He ran, furious, towards me, and I side-stepped, tripping him with my whip and pushing him off the edge. The platform jolted underneath me and I grabbed the floor to stabalise myself, before I leapt at the other two.

This battle was fiercer. Both of the opponents were incredibly talented, and I had to keep my head focussed to deal with them. That meant I had no time with which to look and see how the others were doing.

When the third opponent had finally being pushed off the edge, I breathed a sigh of relief, checked to see if any of them were hanging on to the platform, and then looked up to see how my fellow students were doing.

Aldrest had finished, and I nodded to him before checking on the rest. All safe. Maybe we were good after all.

I checked my new whip for imperfections, seeing none in the new sliver and black leather rings. It was beautiful, but that was not why I had bought it. I bought it because of the incredible balance it had. Aldrest had said it was rather like me. I suppose it was. Silver and black with incredible balance. 

The End

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