Hunting game: challenge 1


I remembered two nights ago when I bought Shizuma her new whip and promised to dance with her in the party. I told her everything, the memory was still engraved in my mind.

"You don't trust me," Shizuma snapped as I clumsily whirled her around the dance floor.

"If I tell you, will you stop nagging me?" I asked, defeated. She nodded. "My grandfather was an Elder too, like Candravar. My father was a murderer, my grandfather cornered him after murdering a merchant but couldn't stop my father. Not because he wasn't capable," my voice quake, "but because he let his affection and emotions detain him from arresting my father..."

Shizuma understood. I was grateful for that, subtly she made my anger and resentment subside and I truly enjoyed the party.

It was different now, the hunting game was here, we were standing in the edge of a series of closed estuaries and fjords, towering over the turbulent waters. Salazar Dreix was an acclaimed Black soul hunter who had gathered all the hunting community and students in this place for the hunting game.

I saw a strange structure being hold by strong, tensed ropes tied to four massive rock corners, forming a square made of rope. There were nine thin wooden platforms in the rope structure, each separated with a distance of ten feet. The entire wooden and rope structure was swaying with the wind currents and hung above the dangerous waters. Each wooden platform had a length of 25 x 25 feet, wide enough to hold four people.

"The rules for the first game is quite simple," Salazar Dreix said, "four people are randomly grouped together and will dueled each other out of the wooden platform. The one who loses will be disqualified and obviously will have a deadly fall into the turbulent waters." There was a malignant smirk on his face. "Only one must remain in the platform and that one person will get a key and move on to the next challenge. This might seem far too easy for the experienced hunters but its quite tricky. The entire platform is suspended only by ropes, rendering it quite unstable. Every movement from one platform affects the rest."

There were murmurs from the crowd.

"If there are no further questions, lets begin." Salazar said. His assistant walked around the hunters giving them a number. I unwrapped my paper, staring at a number 4 scrawled on it.

"Nice," Shizuma said, "we will be next to each other!"

I looked up, apparently Shizuma, Axel, Kyre, Albert, Joanne, Koemi, and I  were all going to in the same estuary, none of us had to duel with each other. Salazar called us to our platforms and get ready to fight.

The first time I stepped on the platform I could feel it swaying beneath my feet. This wasn't going to be an easy challenge, we had to keep our balance meanwhile trying to throw the other hunters out. I saw my opponents, the three of them fully qualified black soul hunters. They were grinning at me, denoting me as inferior. We will see about that.

One of the opponents had an axe, another had a lance, and the last one had a scimitar. They were sneering the moment I brandished my reverse-blade twin swords. Salazar signaled to begin.

Before I could make a move everything around me was shifting and I lost balance. Many of the experienced hunters had jumped on the platform and falling hard on it, making it shake and unbalancing the less experienced. I heard metal clashing as I saw the man with axe and the one with the scimitar fight, none giving up.

I scrambled to my feet, trying to find the one with the lance. I felt pain in my abdomen as wood hit it, sending me to the platform hitting hard on it and my body slide backwards, close to the edge of falling. My fingers grasped the wood in an attempt to stop myself from sliding, then I knelt down. There was more swaying as bodies fell on the platform making it shake and quake.

"Should've stayed at school!" the man said and thrust the lance down at me. I rolled out of reach and with a swing of my swords caught his foot. I pulled my swords and he was unbalanced, he was falling backwards. Before he reached the platform my knee was positioned below his arched back and I kneed him on the back. His body arched more, my elbow then connected with his chest. His lance fell off the platform, I kicked his limped body and he fell too.

I looked around me, my fellow companions were not doing badly. Most of the platforms were already cleared, two remaining on each.

"Your turn kiddo!" the man with the scimitar charged toward me, he had defeated the one with the axe. He swung his scimitar down on me, I deflected his scimitar with the blades of my swords and side kicked him with my right foot. He swayed on his feet, then slash his scimitar at me again. I blocked his attack, locking his scimitars between my swords, I kept it above our heads. I brought my foot up and kicked him on the chest, I let go of his scimitars and he fell backward.

He placed a powerful hand behind him to stop him from falling, there was another shake  two platforms from us, the wind was also blowing harder. Some of the crashing waves were able to reached the platform, wetting it and making it more unstable. With some of the weight of the fallen competitors gone, the structure was lighter and the wind could blow easily on it.

He jumped up, his scimitar behind his head. Upon reaching me he swung his scimitar forward, I flipped out of reach, his weapon burying deep in the wood. He was pulling it out, I took advantage of it. I stabbed one of my swords on the wood and use it as a post to swing my body on it and kicked him on the chin. I drew out my sword and slay it in his direction. He deflected with his free scimitar and threw me off with great force.

I was sliding rapidly backward, I nailed my sword on the platform to anchor me from further movement. He charged toward my bend body, his scimitar aiming at my chest. I dodged it and my feet connected with his back. He swayed and stopped himself at the edge of the platform.

"One last blow!" I said, with my crossed-swords I ran to him, he stopped my blades with his scimitar but my force was greater and I pushed him off the platform. The key was mine. I spread my tired body on the platform, my heart was fluttering with excitement. A student had defeated two Black Soul Hunters. I wished the same luck to the rest of my companions.

The End

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