Kyre walked through the courtyard in deep thought, thinking about how to handle his weapons. I smiled and walked into the open, yelling "Too busy worshiping Satan to attend the party?"

Kyre mumbled "Albert, training is over for now."

I growled "It is, but I believe that you haven't reached your potential. You have a long ways to go."

Kyre looked at me curiously, his face looked a little angry but not just at me. I stated "Even if you join in cutting games doesn't mean I won't throw down my responsibility to teach you."

Rage crossed Kyres face. He unsheathed his sword, concentrating his energy. I nodded my head and stated "You won't need your weapons for this, toss them on the ground and follow me." Kyre hesitantly tossed his weapons on the ground.

With that I sprinted to the 400 foot tower and started climbing. I heard Kyre following behind me. I looked down, he grabbed a crumbling edge, quickly jumping to another. We kept climbing until we reached the top floor of the tower, a small flat stone surface with nothing else. I waited for six seconds before Kyre made it. I began "Kyre, there is something that has been lacking in you. I need you to feel fear. If you don't, you won't question your capacity to take down an enemy. Too many hunters have thought themselves gods, only to be brought to a very real grave."

I withdrew my sword, causing a look of irritation from Kyre. He started "I don't have a wea-"

I yelled "Death does not consider it!"

My sword swung through the air, causing Kyre to jump back, almost falling of the edge of the tower. I charged forwards, stabbing for Kyres chest and only getting his arm. He spun around, jumping six feet back, blood dripping on the stone floor. He looked in horror at his torn up arm, blood soaking his shirt. I sprinted forwards and casted several different versions of me. My copies threw their knives. Kyre rolled forwards, his eyes wide. I threw my knife, he managed to catch the blade, sliding across his hand, drawing blood. Kyre quickly changed his game and charged forwards in a crouch, sidestepping. He quickly moved to stab my leg. I barely managed to escape his blade. I dropped my other dagger and caught it with my foot, stabbing Kyre in the stomach. Kyre screamed and spun around, eyes open wide and sweat building across his forehead. He screamed "Are you trying to kill me?!"

I jumped back and growled "Wasn't that clear?!"

Kyre grabbed the dagger in his stomach and pulled it out, charging me. I left a reflection of me and cloaked, walking away. Kyre ran towards the real me. I looked at the ground and saw blood dripping from my forearm. I un-cloaked and ran around the top of the tower, yelling "What are you forgetting?!"

Kyre blinked and stabbed my daggers into the towers floor. I looked at the floor curiously, seeing energy spark across cracks in the floor. My half of the floor slid. I fell four hundred feet, bouncing of a pillar and rolling across the dirt at the bottom of the tower. I crouched, my right arm hanging lazily. I pulled on it hard, hearing a sickening pop. Yells of students and staff echoed in the distance. Kyre quickly made it down the tower, fury etched across his face. I concentrated my energy and began healing his wounds. He threw my daggers back at me, my hands grabbing their handles. I stated "Very few hunters can fight an opponent with his own weapons and still maintain their energy. You have a gift, don't waste it."

I turned around and walked away, yelling "I will see you at the ceremony to grant you your Black Soul Hunter Status." 

The End

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