I raised my bow.  Nothing stirred and the world seemed to be holding its breath. I began to channel energy through the bow. The carvings on its surface glowed bright blue and the arrow turned into a glowing bolt of pure energy. It looked like fire but it didn't burn my hands. I aimed at the target, a small  circle painted on a tree which at this distance looked no bigger than a coin. I released the arrow and it hit the tree, gouging a deep hole. I rapidly shot it again and again but after a while I felt drained.

I sat down and pulled out my dagger. I held it in my hands and tried to channel energy into it. As usual nothing seemed to happen. Suddenly I thought I saw it glow blue. Excited, I looked at it more closely and realized it was just the light.  I sighed and sheathed it. I needed to head back or I would be late for the party.  In my haste I didn't notice that someone was watching me.

The End

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