"Candravar, you cannot seriously be considering participating in this. You're not as young as you used to be, and this school needs you." I stared at him as he fed the cat that lived in his office.

"I'm not too old to fight Shizuma, you worry too much."

"No, I worry just enough. When have you ever known me get worried about anything before?"

He sighed and put his hand on mine.

"I have experience, that will guide me through."

"I cannot watch you be injured."

"You won't have to."

I ended up storming out under a very black storm cloud. Pupils shot away from me as if they were literally bouncing off my anger. I went to my room and put out a knee length dress, all black with a slitted skirt, on the bed.

There would be a party tonight to celebrate the coming fight, and I intended to attend, no matter how annoyed I was. All the students and staff would be there, and it would not do if I was the only one to not turn up.

It would take only a few minutes to get ready, so I smoothed down my shirt and left my room again. I wanted to have that talk with Aldrest. Plus, I wanted to get myself a new whip, and he would like to come with me.

I found Aldrest practicing.

"Going to the party tonight?" I asked, slipping in front of him so that he had to put his weapon down.

"Perhaps." I smiled at his vague answer.

"Do you want to come and get a new whip with me? Since you ruined my other one."

The End

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