Kyre: Anger

After signing up for the competition, I went to the dorm. I decided to rest for a bit but as soon as I lay down, Axel comes in.

"Hi, Axel..." I said nervously.

"Hey, could never mind."

"What? You can tell me." Eagerly waiting for an answer.

"...No. I can't." Not the answer I was looking for.

"Oh, ok."

"Well, I'm heading out. You can come after the tournament."


Axel left. I lay there, wondering. Why wouldn't he let me come? Hmm...

I had a 15 minute nap and got up and went for a walk. I walked around the courtyard and I saw Alfred. He was looking at something. I couldn't see. He noticed me walking near and got up.

"What?" He said.

"What nothing. I came here for a walk."

"Wow,emo got some attitude."

"Omg. Be quiet, I'm not an emo!"

"Ok then."

"Uh, you know what! Being around you is making me angry!"

"Well then leave, I was here first!"

"Do you own this courtyard, no. I didn't think so."

"Fine let's go to the arena to blow of some steam."

"Sure why not. Beating you seems fun."

"Well attitude like that would get you detention but dueling you seems fun."

"What ever."

"By the way? Why am I making you in a bad mood?"

"Well I don't know, maybe because your thinking I'm emo just because the way I dress. Maybe I  am maybe i'm not but you have no right to judge me on the way I dress!"

"Well sorry, emo."

"Bastard" I whispered under my breath.

We walked over towards the arena.

The End

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