Refining my new techniques



After signing myself up for the competition, and finish off Albert training, I retire to a solitary training room still having lots of spirit energy left to slay an army. At least this time I was nice enough to tell Kyre that he can watch after the competition but right now I was just going to refine my new Techniques that no one has seen yet.

I stood in the middle of the empty room, drawing Maelstrom the metal singing against the sheath, echoed across the room, setting the mood of violence, as massive amount of spirit energy manifested around me causing the a breeze in the room as the orange and black aura violently spinning around me. The ground beneath me seemed to be having a hard time from cracking as the spirit energy forced forced even the air to the ground. Maelstrom begins to glow orange, as black bubbles appear inside the orange.

"Split." I say, and charge swing Maelstrom up. Maelstrom shortened as three blades shot out and dug themselves into the wall, and ceiling cratering and exploding with the spirit energy, with a fourth in my hand measuring at two feet long and not as thick. With a fluid motion I mock fight an enemy using the blades and combining them different each swipe an arc of spirit energy cutting scars into the wall. The reason why the sword was named Maelstrom truly coming across. All the blades came back fitting into the original look of Maelstrom. The technique took a load of energy out of me, but it would be hard to defend against in any fight, agility,and strength beautifully put together. I smiled that was a basic technique, and the others ones I was going to attempt to refine were also basic, I was sure there could be more techniques to learn about but right now I had to refine what I already knew.

I smile as I let out more spirit energy, Maelstrom began to glow again,"  Slice." I command the sword is enveloped in black and the black grows, and thins as the four foot long sword becomes eight feet long, and thinner shaped. This technique allowed me to  have a larger arc, and more focused arc of spirit energy, but the length allowed me to have a long reach, allowing me to defend as well as attack quickly. For the next 20 minutes I scarred, and carved the training room, practising all the moves of this form of Maelstrom. By the end of that I only had enough spirit energy for one more transformation.

I noticed the one weakness was if I had to transform Maelstrom in the heat of battle it left me open to attack for about a two second interval, because during the transformation Maelstrom only existed in a spiritual energy from which was okay if I had to quickly counter but a hit could deform the transformation making it the transformation less efficient. I would have to work up a solution or practice transformation till it was too fast to take advantage of its weakness. My spirit energy now at a quarter of what it normally it is I channelize it into Maelstrom, the energy hugely less violent from the beginning of this training.

" Protect." I command pressing putting two hand on the hilt.

Maelstrom once again goes orange then bubbles to black, and thins but this time two four foot sword appeared one in each hand. From this point I could say split and have four sword, but I only had the energy to put Maelstrom back to its original shape.  The black aura was swept away when I brought the sword together in an x shape causing the aura's to make a shield which I can determine the shape by swinging the swords around as well as shape into an attack. As the name of this transformation was obvious, it was meant to protect, but it was good at offence but only to a point it took lots of spirit energy to make a shield, and use to block and attack. I finished the technique off ten minutes later. Panting, and sweating, my spirit energy totally used up. I sheathed Maelstrom, and took a look at the room. Cadavar was going to be a pit pissed that it was now scarred, and torn to pieces, but probably proud of me figuring out my own style of fighting without guidance.  There was no doubt in my mind now that I could contend with any full fledged black soul hunter, and win. Still I knew I couldn't stop here there was more to learn, and I could get even stronger, so I can prove myself, and erase my past.

I walk out the room noticing upon opening the door, a breeze, and the feeling of clothing brushing up against my face. I follow the movement left, but see nobody, not even a flash in the halls. Had someone been peaking at my training?  They better not blab it off to the school. I wanted it to be a surprise especially now at this competition. I reasoned to myself I was just tired, and it was probably nothing, I begin heading to my dorm. Making eye contact with Aldrest on my way, I couldn't wait to show him my defensive transformation. He will be surprised for sure especially since our fight in the courtyard I was able to see good techniques for duel wielding.  I gave him a sneer before turning right into a corridor.

The End

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