Albert's lessons

Candravar gestured for an excited Joanne to leave, and remained silent as she practically flew out of the room.

"Well, she is very excitable. What makes you think she may have what it takes?"

"What made you like me?"


"I think if she was more observant, she would be stealthy, and that coupled with her steady arm and good aim could one day make her great."

"So you wish to watch her?"

"I will observe her training, yes."

"That will be easy, since you are sharing a class with her now."


"Albert has expressed a desire to teach the five of you."

Albert. The guy who had appeared earlier. Why would he want to teach us? And what made him think I needed his extra training, or any of the others for that matter?


"Punishment for Axel and Aldrest," I flinched inwardly, "and extra training for our best warriors overall."

"Isn't he a bit young to teach...?"

"Yes, but you have to start somewhere."

"Are you going to have his lessons shadowed?"

"I was hoping to, but I doubt I can find anyone free."

"So you want me to report back to you." It wasn't a question. I knew Candravar would want to know what was happening, because he cared about all his students greatly.

"Yes. Just his methods and control of the class."

"As you wish." Candravar smiled and placed his hand on mine.

"Thank you Shizuma. Now go and find your friend. It's not like him to react so badly without any jabs at his family."

I nodded; I was concerned about Aldrest also.

I left the office, and headed to the small, dark, quiet room I had found Aldrest so often before when he was down. He wasn't there, which meant he was avoiding me. Well he would come here when he felt the need to talk, I wouldn't rush him. I wandered out to the middle of the floor, unhooked my whip, and began to practice, chopping a candle in to thinly sliced pieces, all still piled on top of each other. I felt someone enter the room but ignored them, hoping they would go away. On my last swipe, I heard clapping. Sarcastic slow clapping. I turned.

"Impressive." Albert was stood by the doorway, leaning against the wall. "So you are Shizuma."

"And you are Albert." He seemed shocked at my quiet bell like voice, but I barely noticed because I was so used to that reaction.

"Yes." He moved in to the room. "I am your new teacher."

"So I have heard."

The End

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