You've got to be kidding me!



Cadavar brought his hand down, and looked at Albert in the face. All I can think is no don't let him teach Aldrest and I, especially by him. Because of him we didn't finish our fight. He was tough, and I probably would have learned something. Even the tiniest idea of winning came across my mind.

"White you are a little young but I'm confident in your skills, but in teaching experience you are young. But it wouldn't hurt to see if your capable of teaching these students however you will be monitored from time to time,and maybe if I can find someone you will be shadowed."  Cadavar finished. My face went red, and keeping my spiritual energy in check , and my hand by my side, became the single most hardest thing I ever had to do.

"When do we start." Albert smiled at Aldrest, and I. I glared back at him. 

"Bastard." I mumbled under my breath.

" Tomorrow, with the others. Also Aldrest, Axel. If your caught fighting again. I will only say the consequences shall be very dire for the both of you. Understand?" Cadavar replied.

"Understood." Both Aldrest and I said.

"Good dismissed, the both of you." Cadavar said.

I walk out of the office with Aldrest both of us making brief eye contact. Both confirming the fight will continue, some other day. I sit down for a brief moment seeing Joanne and Shizuma enter the office, and close the door. Then I hear.

" She has been watching you. say. You have the potential to be a black soul hunter" Cadavar said. My temper went through the roof. That girl, who was in the tree watching us, as well, just great just another person to look down upon me. I stormed out,  Kyre followed.

"Are you okay, Axel?" He asked his voice truly filled with concern, but my anger didn't let it really get to me.

"No." I said simply heading in the opposite direction of my dorm.

"Where are you going?"

"I going to a solitary training hall."

" Can I watch?" He said beginning to reach the last bit of my patience.

"No. No you can't!" I yell at him with anger which was probably uncalled for.  He just looked at me a little scared before leaving towards my dorm.

I knew that was mean, but I couldn't take the questions anymore. My temper died down a little. I will say sorry when I see him next, but right now I couldn't let anyone see my new moves, that I was working on.

The End

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