A Meeting and a Surprise

I was sitting in the tree when I became aware of someone behind me. I whipped around, arrow aimed. The girl walked toward me. There was something familiar about her. "How did you get up here without me knowing?"  The girl laughed. "You weren't paying attention." I suddenly remembered.

"You're that girl from the match. Shizama."

"Shizuma." She  looked down and frowned. "Aldrest." I heard her mutter. She pulled out a whip and dropped nimbly out of the tree.  I dropped down after her and watched as she flicked the whip and coiled it around one of the boys' wrists. He fell to the ground and in a few seconds it was all over. I followed them to the office and now I am waiting outside of the office, wondering what is going on. The door opens, and Candaver poked his head out. "Joanne, Albert, come into my office." I walk in, wondering what is going on. Candaver sits behind his desk. "Shizuma says that she been watching you." I feel a shiver go down my spine. She'd been watching me?

"She claims that all of you have a lot of potential."  He leans forward.  "Enough potential to be black soul hunters." I look at Shizuma. She thought that I could be a  black soul hunter? "Wow! This such an honor!" I  turn to see the reactions of the others.

The End

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