Cadavar sat in his office chair. I closed the door, darkly smiling at Axel, Kyre and Aldrest. I know how to get to most of you already.

Cadavar stared at the students, curiosity lining his face. I asked "Cadavar, it seems we have an interesting situation. Axel and Aldrest decided to have a fight, everyone else here was there at the time... if I may make a suggestion?"

Cadavar stared at me and nodded. I started "I can keep these two in line. We both know I am overqualified for 1st years. Plus, I've watched all of the students here, carefully enough to realize their untapped potential. Give me these students and I will give you five Dark Soul Hunters. My training will be more then enough punishment for  Axel and Aldrest. I'll ease up on the others." 

Cadavar put his fist underneath his chin, in deep thought.

The End

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