My greetings with Axel exchanged, I proceed to talk to him about how it feels to be almost graduating and soon being turned to the hunting Examinations.

"I was like you during my first years in the Academy," I said, both of us were standing, his weapon, Maelstrom was lying against the statue of a dragon. "I allowed my emotions get the better of me. But now I am able to control them."

"Yeah, right," Axel scoffed. "Weren't you about to kill Karion during your duel? You are no better than me at controlling your emotions."

I frowned at him, he was tough. "Listen, I am trying to help you. I know you are a good warrior and maybe one day you will be a great hunter, just train your mind to have your emotions under control..."

"You are in no position to tell me about controlling my emotions," Axel turned away from me, "I don't need your help." Axel shouldered Maelstrom.

"Wait, I am not done with you," I took him by the shoulder. His body stiffened, clearly affronted by my gesture.

He swung Maelstrom in my direction, I jumped high out of reach, his massive sword hit the ground and left a dent behind. I reached my back for the tilts of my swords, taking them out in midair. There was a glint in Axel eyes, clearly excited by the idea of battling an older warrior. With Maelstrom at his side, both his hands on the handle, he jumped high and slashed Maelstrom toward me. I crossed my twin swords and blocked the attack, sparks flew as metal against metal were being scrapped.

The impact of his sword made me flew inches higher into the air, I combined my swords to be a single on and prepared my offense. I tilted my body slightly downward and charged at him with my swords, he blocked my attack by brandishing Maelstrom. The strength and force which we both felt threw us backward (still fighting in midair), I made a turn in midair to gather more centripetal force, he had done the same. Our swords clashed for a third time, this time the potential energy gathered was so great and immense that it acted against us, throwing us to the ground. I fell hard on the ground, my swords leaving my hand, Axel was also in the ground, his Maelstrom away from him.

"Is that the best you can do?" Axel asked, he was already knelt down, looking challengingly.

"You have seen nothing," I said, grinning. Somehow, this fight was getting me excited and slightly happy. For the first time I wasn't fighting for something somebody had said about my family, I was fighting a proud, reckless kid because he wouldn't accept my help.

"Bring it," he breathed. Apparently he had not get enough from his duel against Neil.

We ran toward each other, our hands brimming and bright with energy. We pounded with our hands, grasping them, each of us trying to push down the other one down. Our teeth gritted, our expressions contorted with rage, our eyes showing determination of ending this fight and resulting victorious.

From the corner of my eyes I saw a kid approaching us, with dual daggers at hand. This had to end quick, we wanted no interruption. Our right hands balled into a fist, we pushed our right arm as far as it would go and swing it forward at each others face.

Before my fist collided with his face, I was thrown off-balanced. An agile figure had tackled Axel to the ground, their bodies falling heavily, giving signs of struggle. A scourge-like material wrapped around my wrist and with great force was pulled to the ground, falling face down. Shizuma.

"Are you out of your mind!" Shizuma yelled, "I asked you to mentor him, not fight with him!"

"I don't need a mentor!" Axel shouted from the ground, wriggling to get free from the iron-clad grip of our newest teacher, Albert White, who was holding Axel down. "Especially not him!"

"Let me finish off that brat!" I snarled at Shizuma, trying to untie the knot around my wrist. The kid with the daggers arrived to the commotion and also a young girl.

"Enough," Albert said, "I don't know what happened here and I am not interested. I will take all of you to Candravar's office. Now move!" He took Axel by the shirt collar and pulled him to his feet. Kyre brought Maelstrom to Axel, and Joanne brought me my swords back.

Shizuma helped me to my feet and gave me a slight push, she was angry at me, that was clear. When I crossed Axel's path, my eyes lingered on his, portraying scorn and contempt. We will finish our fight another day.

Shizuma and I lead the way to the well-known office of the headmaster, followed by Axel, who was fuming, Kyre, Joanne, and Albert walking behind us making sure none of us attempted to escape.

The End

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