Silently observing

I watched silently from an archway above the courtyard as Aldrest approached Axel to offer him assistance. Although I knew Candravar had asked me to help Axel, I knew he would shy away from help from a girl, especially me. Aldrest on the other hand...I prevented the sigh from my lips that would have escaped if I hadn't know Aldrest would hear. He was so sensitive to noise it meaant that few people could sneak up on him. In fact, I only knew of one. Me. I guess that's one of the reasons he can stand me, because he can't anticipate every move I make. Aldrest had intrigued me when he arrived. He had caught the eye of the only person I trusted, Candravar, and although he did not always win, he was a formidable opponent. If he could control his emotions, he  would be one of the greatest warriors in our history.

He was the only person I bothered to communicate with on a regular basis within the students. As I watched, Aldrest addressed Axel, who seemed firstly, confused, and secondly, aggitated. Aldrest must have known he would react this way. A few words floated up to me on the air but I was unable to understand more than 'good' 'no' 'can't' 'warrior' 'emotions'. It would be better if I could hear.

Just as I was about to move, I noticed a young girl in the tree across from me. She hadn't noticed me yet, which meant she wasn't aware of her surroundings, because from her point of view I was widely visible. She was watching Aldrest and Axel carefully, her bow and arrow drawn loosely. There was something familiar about her...the girl in the stands who had bumped me. That was her. Now, I could leave her be, but the conversation between Aldrest and Axel was private, and I didn't want too many people knowing about what I had orchestated. I slipped silently from the archway and across the roof of the building. There was a branch to the tree nearest me and I swung delicately on to it, causing no stirring amongst the leaves.

I looked on at the girl from behind. She was an inch taller than me, although definately younger. She was lanky, but her shape suited her, and she seemed perfectly at ease with her long limbs. Shame she wasn't as watchful as she was poised. I pondered the best way to go about this. If I touched her or spoke she would fall the long distance to the floor, and I didn't want that on my conscience. If I grabbed her and put my hand over her mouth, she would struggle, and it would not be best if Aldrest and Axel discovered us through both of us falling. So I decided to wait until she turned round, and so stood without sound behind her, one hand resting on the large branch I waas standing next to, and the other curving over my hip.

Maybe I would teach her how to be awaare of her surroundings.

The End

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