Not much of an improvement

Punching Neil felt so satisfying as blood spewed forth from his mouth staining the ground.  I knew the crowd was surprised, a loser beating a prodigy hands down. Still I also had this feeling  that this fight had changed nothing for me. In anger, spiritual energy built around my fist.  Why can't I escape this?

Before I my fist made  contact Cadavar  ordered the fight finished, and forcefully pulled my fist back the spiritual energy dispersing into the air causing a violent breeze. Then had I realized if that had made contact with Neil it would potentially be lethal. My temper had gotten the better of me again. I hit the ground in anger, and stood up seeing that Neil was now facing Shizuma.  Looked like Niel had his work cut out for him because I knew Shizuma had been taken in by Cadavar, and plus Niel had to use a huge hunk of his own spiritual energy to put his weapon back together.  I left the arena quickly, now what? Am I going to be feared or just be the short tempered loser?  I didn't know and had no intention of finding out which.

I headed to my dorm, to calm down and get a fresh pair of clothes, someone knocked at the door. Great probably some idiot going to call me a loser, and through something putrid at my face.

"Come in! Ya horses arse" I say as the knocking continued.

A pimk eyed kid, with white emo cut, and rather dark clothing came in. Not the typical person that makes fun of people , and join in on the crowd but still looks can be decieving.

"Hi Axel." The kid said nervously.

"Hi? Who are you, get out of here if your going to call me a loser, and whatever you bastards do." I say my temper rising a bit.

"No! I would never, ever call you a loser. I actually look up to you. I heard you came to this place with no spiritual energy and I thought 'Wow, he must be brave' and I actually look up to you for that."He said very suddenly making me feel guilty for my hostility.

"First you look up to me? and second I didn't come here without spiritual energy, I just hadn't a clue how to channelize it." I corrected him.

The conversation continued oddly till the point I had just got myself a new dorm mate. Which wasn't sure if I should be happy or not about it. The kids name is Kyre, he seemed nice enough, a bit odd , but who am I to critizize I'm the outcast of the outcasts, and the person everyone picks on, or ignores and joins in on the crowd. Still there was something about that kid, was wierd but I guess it would take time to get over it.

I walked over to one of the courtyards in academy, not many people came by it, well because I went there I guess, but everyday I found the place vandalised, and when I sat ontop of of one of the statue of a mythical dragon, and the usual abuse, and me losing my temper.  I would rather be ignored then viewed as loser. Still It wasn't to bad it just pissed me off. I laid the Maelstrom beside me, and laid back, relaxing back when I heard footsteps walking onto stone courtyard.


The End

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