Kyre: First Practice

"What? Do you need to cut yourself?" The teacher asked.

"There's an odd number of people, I have no partner." I replied. I was a bit angry he said that. What kind of teacher is he?

"Well cut me if you can." He teased, withdrawing his sword and dropping it on the ground.

I did a frontflip towards him with my daggers. His face had that 'wow' look. I bet he didn't know I could do that. He dodged it with ease.

"Is that all you got?" He taunted

"No. I'm just getting warmed up."

I channelized my daggers and they had a purple aura around them. I charged at him with my daggers and quickly threw them at him. He dodged but leaving a light cut.

"So, you can cut. Must be an emo thing."

I sprinted to the daggers, grabbed them and threw one left and waited for him to go and I threw the other one. I hit him, but it didn't seriously hurt him. He was bleeding. He knew I would be a tough opponent so he grabbed his sword. He quickly swung his sword and it hit me. Man that sword was going fast. Even with my quick reflexes couldn't dodge it. It hit me and he called it quits.

"You are indeed good, but you still need to work on your offense, I have seen that move many times. But I thought I'd get hit just to impress you and get you distracted." He was lying, I just knew he was. He was just afraid I would beat him.

"M hm, I will try different." He swung at me and I quickly did a backflip to avoid. "Maybe you should be more quiet." I said cooly.

I walked out the door.

The End

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