I finished my training with top marks. My master apologized at the end and stated that he was simply trying to make me reach my potential. He also said I could teach at the academy now. So, here I am. With a bunch of idiots that can't hold their powers for more then half a minute. Sixty two of them, to be exact. I groaned and walked through the students, tapping twenty-one heads. I walked to the front of the classroom and yelled "Everyones heads that I touched can leave now!"

A student whined "But sir, I got top ma-"

I screamed back "You have failed my class! Get out before I throw you out!"

Twenty-one students shuffled to the door, mumbling about how unfair I am. After a minute, the door shut. I yelled "IS ANYONE HERE NOT A FIRST YEAR?!"

Chuckles echoed across the room. I sighed and yelled "Who here will show the class how to concentrate their energy!?"

No one answered. My fists clenched and I walked through the class, stopping at one emo looking student. He just looked at the floor. His fingers had a slight glow. I grinned and pulled him of his feet, dragging him to the front of the room. Whispers came from every person sitting. I took ten steps back from the student and asked "What's your name?"

"Kyre Lenai."

I withdrew my sword and asked "Are you up to this?"

Kyre nodded and took a couple of steps back. I smiled and charged at him, slowly swinging my sword at his chest. He crouched below the swinging sword and tackled my stomach. I purposely fell down, rolling backwards, pulling him with me. He flew behind me, skidding along the floor. Kyre took out his daggers and stood up, looking at my sword. I brandished my sword, standing up, waving Kyre forwards. He focused his energy, his body moving with incredible speed. I cloaked, stepping to the left and leaving a hologram of myself. Kyre slashed at the hologram, gasping. I kicked his left hand and grabbed his right, bending it behind his back. His left dagger dropped to the ground and after a few seconds, he let go of his right dagger. I pushed him forwards and yelled "Find a partner and spar! Show me the full extent of your powers today!"

The class shuffled, their fights quickly becoming chaotic. Good, they'll learn a few lessons this way. I looked back at Kyre, he stared at me. Fury crossed my face and I asked "Need to cut yourself?!"

A bit of rage crossed Kyres face. He stated "Theres an odd number of students. I have no partner."

I grinned and withdrew my sword, dropping it on the ground. I seethed "Cut me if you can."

Kyre sprinted forwards, front flipping through the air.

The End

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