Kyre: First Friend

"WOOOT" I cheered for Axel. I sorta looked up to him. He came to this academy with having no spiritual energy but somehow he managed to survive this place. and with these three years, he has managed to grasp ahold of some spiritual energy. I can channelize with my weapon very well, it's just I have very low spiritual energy, even though my grandma was one of the elders. She past away about 2 years ago, in the summer.

She was very beautiful  with her long silver hair, which she tied in a loose braid, and she was very fit too. But one day she fell ill and in a few days she past away. But in those few days, she gave me her weapon that she used when she was in the 'War'. She told me to use them responsibly and to take good care of them. They were dual daggers. She said before her death," W-when you ch-channelize, don'" Then she past away. I never cried as much in my entire life.

When I think of her I want to have her back so badly, but I know it's impossible.  She taught me so much. She taught me the basics and she taught me how to how to do a spin attack with them, trust me it was hard. When I was little I made my own weapon because my dad is the blacksmith here, but it didn't last very long. I loved it and I still do because it was the first weapon I made, I still keep a little piece, but grandma's daggers are much more important and I think of them as having a bit of grandma in them, like she is watching me through them.

But as I was saying before, Axel, out of all the people in this academy (which is a lot) would have to be my idol. I like being a loner, it's just in my nature. I probably get that from my mom. She was a very shy person and she liked to be by herself, but when she saw my dad she knew that he was her soulmate. She sort of stalked him around in the shadows and found out his interests and she bought him chocolates, because he is a choco-holic. Maybe that's why I love chocolate? Then that is what got them together, those box of chocolates. Yes, I know the way they started going out was pretty lame, but I don't mind it. And they had a kid and that was me.

I saw Axel leave and I saw a girl go down to the arena, I believe her name was Shizuma, she was, from the looks of it, was very talented. I really wanted to see this match but I really want to talk to Axel. I left the arena and followed Axel. He went to his dorm, probably to rest. I knocked on his door and I heard a groan from inside and he yelled "come in" so I walked in.

"Hi, Axel." I said nervously.

"Hi? Who are you? I know why your here"


"Your gonna call me a loser just like every one else. Well hurry up, I don't have all day." He said accusing.

"No! I would never, ever call you a loser. I actually look up to you. I heard you came to this place with no spiritual energy and I thought 'Wow, he must be brave' and I actually look up to you for that." I didn't know what I was saying. I just blurted out my mind.

"...? You. Look up to me?"

"Yes, I actually think your pretty cool. I don't mind that you get mad, I know what that feels like. Before I came here, I never had friends."

"How do you know what I feel like if you never had friends?"

"Well, instead of people calling me a loser and stuff, they ignored me, like I was some pine cone."

"Wow. Did your parents take you the park or anything when you were younger?"

"Sometimes. But my only best friend was my grandma. I loved her so much."

"Wait did you say 'loved'? Did she die?"

"Yes, two years ago in the summer." I fighted back tears.

"Wait, one of the elders, a female died 2 years ago in the summer. Was your grandmother that elder." I nodded. I couldn't hold the tears back and they started coming out like a waterfall. "Hey, there's no need to cry. How about this, I be your friend? How does that sound?"

"It sounds...great. Thank you, my first friend in this academy. I'm happy!" I whiped the tears of my face and stopped crying."Um, one question, maybe two. One: Do you have a dorm partner?"

"No? Why?"

"Two: Can I be your dorm partner?



The End

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